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How can I tell if the HDD of a Dell Inspiron 1525 is compatible to fit Acer Aspire 4520?
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  1. check the motherboards on both machines + check the dimensions of the HDD model that is installed in the Dell, find out which case Acer is using and call up the vendor to verify HDD space allowance (can probably call up Acer to verify this with them or ask them to refer you to case manufacturer).
    Alternatively, check what is the typical HDD that is used on that acer model, if the dimensions are the same with your dell, I think they should be able to fit if the connectors are in the same spots.
  2. If they fit, would I have to do anything in BIOS upon startup or drivers or anything like that?
  3. bios, probably not (not 100% sure)
    drivers, if they don't come with standard windows installation then getting mfr drivers installed might be a good idea although I doubt that will be necessary
  4. No HDD drivers needed as long as you are starting from scratch. You will need to reinstall the OS.
  5. So it will be wiping out all the data then?
    By starting from scratch do you mean by build or by clean install? Because both laptops are previously used, nothing new here.
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    What I mean is that if you plug in the Dell hard drive into the Acer laptop, it will not boot. It will if your lucky, Bluescreen but thats as far as you will get. You will need to install Windows from the Acer CD. You don't have to delete everything on the hard drive, but programs and what not won't work.
  7. Thanks,

    So.. plug in the HDD [if it fits] and load OS straight from first boot up?

  8. Yep. You don't have to reformat the hard drive. It will install over any current OS installed already.
  9. alright, shall try it, thank you very much
    [and btw, your picture is scary!]
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