Searching for a beautiful notebook, need help !

hi !

sorry for the no-technical topic but it's important too!

for my meeting and personal project one2one presentation, i need a new laptop/notebook to be 'noticable' and gentlemanable when i am at desk or enter in the room !

i do not need a lamborghini asus , no notebook with alien or fruit apple in the back which say hello or ***U , no!

i need a laptop which say "this man is serious and look classy and constant and a little lucky in money". i know it is very secondary but it counts for me !
first impression is important !

my aim/dream was the dell adamo but it is not available anymore, rest in peace my beautiful one.

here are my feel and wish :
i like black, grey, metal and dislike white, flashy color, plastic effect
i like clear shape, triangle form and dislike rounded corner !
my screen res should be 1280x720 at last, not under, not to more either.

so what do you advice to me ?
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  1. Well, if looks are important and you also want to give the impression that you are well off, buy an Apple MacBook Pro. The larger (more expensive) the better.

    A 17" MacBook Pro will bleed you out of $2,500.00.
  2. i don't want apple because i use window and most of my meetmate too.
    and too many people are apple, iphone...this white empty design.
    i feel more confortable with busness 'stark design' or HTC design or HK ot korean design.

    max prize i can offord me is 1200.
    i do not want a big notebook, so no need of numeric keyboard, and 1280x720 is perfect need.
    95% of my work will be show presentation, picture, website, slideshow, office and webdesign showview (that why i don't need high performance)

    i just discover the HP 5320M, looks great !!! and mate screen (so perfect !)

    and the acer ethos but it is to big :

    any more advice ?
  3. Check out the Sony VAIO Signature line, they have good appearance.
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