My New System :( Whet CABOOM!

Well guys it has been a ruff few weeks. Between starting college and building my new computer system many unfourtunate things occured. Well being a (don't wanna say dumbass) "Smart Guy" I fried my CPU. These are the system specs to give you an idea where i'm coming from.
Athlon 1.2 GHZ 266
256 Megs DDR PC2100
Hercules Prophet 4500
And so on...
Well when i received all my parts the idiots at the computer store first off didn't send me the fan i ordered. So i decided i couldn't wait and went out to compusa and bought a "ATHLON up to 1.2GHZ FAN & Heatsink". I ran my system with the heatsink attached and managed to FDISK,FORMAT and install win98, but not without a bunch of damn BEEPING. My motherboard was telling me that there was obviously a problem going on. Finally i rebooted my system and i got to a screen which said that there was a hardware problem and to check the settings. So of course i checked the settings worrying about the temp and saw that it was quite high. I than was in awe i guess you could say.. How could the processor be this hot with a heatsink on it!?! The case is open, 2 system fans, and the thing is brand spankin new! There wasn't any dust or any other set back that could have caused problems. So i was like uhhh and than preformed my mistake. I turned the computer off and was like how could this be!? So i decided to remove the heatsink trying to see what kinda heat ratings i would get with off to see if maybe the heatsink wasn't working at all or something... I booted i went into bios and checked the Temp!! Was like [-peep-]!!! I hit the power button and held it (You know those atx power supplys) down it rebooted and shut off... SYSTEM CRASH.. i was like OMG... I left the chip there and than began to go do research online.. That's when i read the late breaking news of toms Athlon Heat Problems. ( A little Late Tom!) heh... So anyway this is my question.. Do i have any recourse with the processor!?!?! Also There is a little (DIODE?) between the socket which seems to be melted possibly!?! I can't tell but the top of the diode looks white like if you were burning something and it was warping or changing the appearence but never fully destroyed it. There was no PHYSICAL evidence of destruction by my CPU. Is my motherboard destroyed also with my CPU? I booted up my computer without the cpu in to see if the MBD would work and it powers on and everything but i suppose the real test will be when i get a new CPU...


GB America
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  1. CPU = Fried
    Mainboard = Possibly Fried
    Comp USA = Never, NEVER shop there.
  2. He might be lucky....

    Smell the processor, does ti smell like burnt silicon ??

    put the CPU in, and put the HSF back on, and make sure theres no flap on the bottom of the HSF, like a little tag that's supposesd to be peeled away......
    re-seet it, boot up the PC and c if she still posts, etc.

    -MeTaL RoCkEr
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  3. Your CPU is likely fried. You will have to buy another. Since there was nothing wrong with the CPU when you purchased it, you are responsible for taking the financial loss. It was a working product that you killed through your actions. At this point, you can buy another and try again. Other options would include having someone else assemble your system or using a processor with thermal protection.


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  4. Raystonn is right, this was your fault, if you were less than honest you could say it did it on its own.

    PS: the power went off quickly your mobo is most likely fine.

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  5. cept for possibly the melted thermal diode.


    now thats what i call a learning experience

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  6. Yeah, I wish people would just ask a few questions before doing things like that. Waste of good silicon.

    ::moment of silence::

    OK moving on.

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  7. There is a plus side to it.....he's got the BEST damn key-chain there is...... =)

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    My <font color=red> Z28 </font color=red> can take your <font color=blue> P4 </font color=blue> off the line!
  8. His keychain has great benchmark scores!

    "The Cash Left In My Pocket,The BEST Benchmark"
  9. LoL

    The volatages that thign can handle nwo is UNBELIEVEABLE.....the number of voltages in static electricty that we encounter in everyday life is crazy...only imagien ho wmany MHz that thing is pumpin' out now!

    -MeTaL RoCkEr
    My <font color=red> Z28 </font color=red> can take your <font color=blue> P4 </font color=blue> off the line!
  10. It may be fried. Never, ever do that again.

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    You brain on drugs: Mac
  11. AMD burned you bro, send that POS straight back to AMD, call them and have them give you an RMA# insist if they say no.

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  12. Well, To bring a little more detail into this sad tale i'll talk about what i did after i shut it off. I touched the CPU. This gave me like a 1st degree burn on my finger stinging for a while.. heh I smelt the motherboard and cpu immedietly after the death of my Athlon and nothing SMELT! at all! there is no physical damage or looking damage!? And the cpu is DEAD!?
  13. How did AMD burn him if he ran his tbird without a heatsink?

    Meltdoofus your stupidty amazes me sometimes man.

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  14. "sometimes"?

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