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AMD 1.4 mhz vs 1.2 MP?

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September 27, 2001 6:57:37 AM

I was looking to buy a new processor this week and was wondering what the difference is between a regular 1.4 tb vs a 1.2 MP and if the 1.2 MP is the better processor is it worth getting over the 1.4 even though its alittle slower?

I'm not an OC'er so any inoput would be appreciated!

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September 27, 2001 8:18:51 AM

The 1.2ghz mp is the palomino core, what this means is it runs cooler, and has hardware prefetch and sse, this translates into about 10% more performance clock per clock. If you want to overclock the 1.2 can hit 1.5 pretty easily by most reports, and at this speed it would eat the 1.4@1.6((average overclock for 1.4)) alive. If you are staying stock the 1.2 will perform about equal to a 1.33, however it will run considerably cooler. the 1.2 also is more expensive and not every motherboard will be able to run it out of the box(palomino support is required). The choice is up to you, personally I would buy the 1.2 and overclock it, but either chip is superb and you will be pleased with them both.

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