Is there any way I can play Settlers I on windows 7

Hi - is there any way I can play The first Settlers (1) on a Windows 7 PC??

Thanks - Terri :-)
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  1. Use Sun Virtual Box, then install the OS that works best as a virtual machine for the game, then install the game...
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    You should be able to run the PC version in DOSBoX. Or the Amiga Version in any Amiga emulator.
    Settlers II ran fine for me under DOSBoX so i see no reason why the original wouldnt.

    Fantastic Game by the way. Great Fun
  3. Britlady52,

    Depending on the graphic requirements you might want to consider XP Mode / Virtual PC. To learn more about XP Mode please see the following link:

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  4. Thanks Jessica, Marcellis & Vampyrbyte ... all your suggestions were greatly appreciated.

    In the end I chose to go with Vampyrbyte's solution - using DOS Box - and the game is now installed and up and running. (Oh those wonderful memories of the Amiga days!! I also have Smidge/Morton Strikes back installed too).

    My thanks again to all - Stay happy - Terri :-)
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