Athlon 1.4 TB - A7VE Mobo Settings ?!


By default the bios settings for this mobo is 100 Mhz, so the processor speed is actually 1 Ghz. What setting must be changed to reach 1.4 Ghz ?

My system:

Asus A7V-E
Athlon TB 1.4 Ghz
MSI G3 Pro VT64D - Geforce 3
SB Live! Value
NIC - 3Com
256 Mb SDRAM


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  1. I know that this kind of questions are obvious for many of you, and have been discussed in many articles covered by toms hardware howto's and reviews, but still I didn't saw this combination of hardware beeing discussed here, so i need some more details about wich settings should I change to get the most out of this system without overheating the processor and AGP card.
    I have set the bus frequency multiplier to 12.5 (by DIP switchings in mobo) and the external frequency to 112 Mhz (by BIOS). I get 1400 Mhz. Since the maximum value for the clock multiplier is 12.5 the only setting that i can increase is the external frequency. But by increasing this value the bus and memory frequency will also increase. I'm using 133 Mhz Micron memory, and I have also a SB Live! PCI sound card. Wich are the maximum values that I can use without crashing the system ? I mean, I can't put too much stress in the PCI slots because the sound card can't handle it. So should I set the clock multiplier to maximum rate and change only the FSB, or do I have to figure out myself wich combination is more stable, and by doing so, risking in overheating something ?! Currently the CPU is running for some hours at 50ºC. Changing the Vcore is also a valid option, but without any feedback from experienced users I don't want to try changing it.

    I'm quite happy with the overall performance of this system...the benchmark is 5700 with 3DMark2001, and i am not overclocking the cpu or graphic card.


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