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Via Kt266a

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September 27, 2001 7:05:28 PM

I'm building an Amd system for my buddy with 1.4 athlon and i would like to use the Via KT266a chipset.

Any news on when mobos with Via KT266a will be released?

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September 28, 2001 1:48:41 AM

not long i hope
ive heard rumors that there is a MSI KT266A mobo around already.

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September 28, 2001 8:00:44 AM

I heard the abit kr7 raid is shipping in 2 weeks or so, I hope that is the case!

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September 28, 2001 1:25:30 PM

Epox 8KHA+ will b officially released 2day (28th).
a b à CPUs
September 28, 2001 2:53:24 PM

Thx guys!

>Epox 8KHA+ will b officially released 2day (28th).<

Yes you are right! I just went to Epox website
Quot from Epox website.
"This AMD, DDR super over-clocking planar will definitely blow away most competition of its class. 8KHA+ will be one of the most reviewed and talked about motherboards from Epox International and probably in the computer industry. This KT266A N.B chipset planar supports up to 1.5 Gig of DDR memories, supports 266 MHz FSB and of course, Morgan and Palomino tested. It is loaded with 1 AGP 4X slot, 6 PCI slots, ATA 100, supports up to 6 USB connectors, a Full-On Debugger Card for easy recognition. Combining with the Epox International’s award winning (TSD) Tech-Support Department. Due to recent tragic events this planar has been delayed until September 28th for distribution."

Ithink i have to order one for myself also so i don't have to listen to my friend bragging all day long:)  He offered my some money for helping him seens i will be building his "Knockout Machine" rig from scratch!...hmmm no question about it iwill order one for myself also:) . I just checked with my local reseller..he said that the in the second week of october it should be availble in Sweden!(I live in Stockholm Sweden BTW) He didnt have any pricing availble though, however pricing will probablly be around the same as the other Epox socketAvia boards according to him and cheaper then AMD's chipsets.

These are good news!
See ya and thx again for the heads up!
Happy weekend all!

Jack tHE MAN
September 28, 2001 3:32:01 PM

if you buy a epox board you are a fool
September 28, 2001 3:37:38 PM

At the very least it means they'll push the other mobo makers to get their versions out sooner.

I wonder how much money others have lost because ECS was the first to get an SiS 735 out, and nobody followed for a while?

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a b à CPUs
September 28, 2001 4:27:11 PM

Why? Care to develop your statement?

Jack tHE MAN
Happy weekend all!
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a b à CPUs
September 28, 2001 4:30:07 PM

Epox is heaven for the overclocker just look at Epox EP-8KHA it had Via kt266.
Check out Toms roundup "16 Boards With VIA KT266" for more info on Epox via board.

Some where down the line you have to make a call...and make your order waiting all the time, is a game i don't play. Besides look at Via how evrybody was thrashing them not so long ago but know the tune is diffrent. Why well they released a excellant high preforming chipset and have ironed out some of the majorbugs that bugged many users.

I'm always open minded about manufactors in the TEch business and ITS ALL PREFORMANCE FOR ME NOW TODAY! NOT Tomorrow or yesterdays record. So if epox will be the first with viakt266a chipset and i'm building one AMD comp for my buddy i will get it and as for myself it will be just like a bonus:) 

Ofcourse later on I'm looking forward to read reviews on diffrent viakt266a powered mobos and compare preformance-price etc. But how long should one wait for those??? No Enough is enough EPOX is first out with viakt266a So i figure i can place the order now and get the board middle of october THATS JUST FINE BY ME........:)  And if i wait for the other guys to release there boards i might be all the way in to november before i can get it here in Sweden and my friend whants his comp now!

Jack tHE MAN
"Happy weekend all!"

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