I am building my pc right now and need help please

I have everything to build my pc today but the three persons who were supposed to help can't do it today and I've been waiting a long time to receive the case in order to build my pc. I just received the case and I don't want to wait any longer so should I try to install everything by myself? Please post any links with step by step instructions on how to do it. Up to now I've only installed video and sound cards but I've never done a whole pc so I don't know if I am going to be able to pull it off...help badly needed.
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More about building please
  1. dont take the risk at blowing stuff up and have to wait for RMA's just be patient, its worth the wait

    Blame the newbies not the technology
  2. It's not to bad to build one on your own. The hardest part is getting the computer to turn on. You need to check the jumpers on it. Just read the manual. Once you get the motherboard in the rest shouldn't be that bad, but you might want your friends around.



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  3. Like AMD said, seriously, WAIT until everything is in. Patience is a virtue, and having to speed another $100-$300 because you fried something due to impatience is not worth it.

    Regarding instructions, check THG for the step-by-step guide.
  4. I guess is not that easy then :( I was hoping for more postive answer but then again its better to get the thruth and I already had my suspicions that it wasn't a job for the unexperienced...
  5. Don't get too worried. It is quite easy, the physical part at least.

    Just trying to prevent you from having problems. =D
  6. Yep. I did it on my first try last year (1st computer I ever put together) but I also spent a lot of time on different forums reading about the troubles people were having with my particular motherboard.
  7. It certainly helps to have started in the era of 286 or 386 processors (no heatsink, no fan, no problems). It was much easier then. I kept upgrading my system, so I got exposed to the wonders of heatsinks on a 486-DX2. Then, it did not matter that I was too generous with the thermal paste.
    One just works his or her way up, and now I can install heatsinks on Athlons w/o breaking a sweat.

    Those were the days. 286 was the only prefab machine I ever bought.
  8. About the thermal paste...is it really needed cause I dont have any and it wasn't included in my Global Win CAK 38 package unless is the white stuff covered by a tape under the heatsink. Any ideas?
    PS I just touched the white stuff and it is indeed paste like so it could be it.
  9. It is generally only needed if you are an overclocker. Most of my customers aren't, so all I do is use the coolermaster fans with the thermal pad under the sticker. And one exhaust fan on the upper rear of the case should be all you need, depending on your setup

    Blame the newbies not the technology
  10. If it's your first machine, you may wanna go with the thermal pad - make sure you remove the pad tape cover first, but only just before you put the heat sink on.
    It's true, good quality thermal paste will give you better results, but it's quite a science to find the right amount of it. The idea is that the most of the heatsink and the core are in direct contact, and only the nooks in either one (well, heatsink, really) are smoothed out.

    Putting the heatsink on is the only nasty thing these days, the rest is smooth sailing. (unless you have any defective parts...)
  11. Installing the heatsink is what worries me more cause based on some reviews on the Global Win CAK38 it seems to be a difficult job and thats coming from experinced guys! I am still thinking about doing it today...how about this link:http://www.motherboards.org/articlesd.html/aid=21/pg=1
  12. Id help u out if u lived near me.....
    Where u from.. ?

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  13. Aguadilla, Puerto Rico...can you visit me? I apreciate your intentions. :)
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