Intel or AMD ?!?

Hi there ,i was planning to build a new machine ,but i problem in choosing my system CPU.

After spending a fair amount of time and research i come to the conclution AMD is the best option avaible.

However ,i own a AMD system for more than 2 years already ,and althought the performance has been very good ,after month of stability issues (witch are curreclty still bugging me )and over heating problems ,to a point ii had to open the case and put a small household fan against it.

Granted ,many of those problems might have been cause by my inettitude just as well ,i'm not exactly a computer wizard ,but this is beyond the point ,expecially considering my skill hasn't improved much since then :).

I ran a quick research ,and this is what i came out with ( prices)


Abit KG7 130$
Athlon 1.4Ghz 120$
Crucial 512MB 110$
Tornado 1003 Case 185$
SK6 Copper fan 50$

Total : 600$

Intel :

P4 1.7Ghz 190$
Abit TH7 150$
512 Rambus 240$
Regular 300\w case and fan 120$

Total : 700$

Now ,i don't know if this is all either the best solution or if the prices i'll find will match those at price watch ,just to be a little pessimist ,let's add 100$ to each system.

Considering i use my computer mostly for gaming ,and that i heard the P4 is nearly as good as the athlon in that deparment ,should i spend more money for a slower but stable system or risk with AMD ?!?

And what about the future,

Will i be able to mount new CPU's by simply upgrading the bios or does the Northwood and Palomino use different slots types ?!?
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  1. just wait a couple months for athalon XP (palamino -workstation) to arrive it will save ya an upgrade price.

    But according to my system support...
    the latest ami 1.6 bios update will allow a palamino cpu to be put into my kt7266 pro-r board --up to 1.47 ghz roughly.
  2. Here's what I would advise, if this is at all feasibile: WAIT.

    You mentioned the Northwood chip. It will NOT fit into the current P4 Williamette socket 428. The Northwood chip, in my opinion, will solidify Intel's lead up on AMD. I know most power users are pretty biased (and with good reason) towards AMD's products, but the fact of the matter is that the Northwood will be the fastest chip on the market by FAR when it comes out. And even if AMD does match the Northwood performance, chances are it will not run on the Thunderbird core, likely requiring a different motherboard.

    In my opinion, if you buy now, (Athlon or P4), you're almost maxed on how much you can upgrade without overhauling your system. If you wait for Northwood, you start with a fresh era of microprocessor, and the leading one at that. I would wait before spending. Of course, that's not always feasible.

    And Intel has made cooling a priority. Their cores run very stably. Northwood will be no exception. From what I can see, Northwood will beat AMD in many areas (except for FPU performance I'm sure). Right now, Athlon is the biggest bang for your buck in the high-end market. I really believe that could change soon.
  3. Richard, tons of statements 0 evidence, the athlon .13 micron palomino will have the same advantages as the northwood and will fit in the same socket (according to amd) FUD is not tolerated on this board. Please back up your statements(particularly the northwood ones when no one know how the northwood will do or exactly what changes intel has made to the design, except maybe raystonn who is NDAed into silence.)

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