Going for a new Laptop

Hi guys,

I am going to buy a Laptop in the coming month of June.

My priority would be doing 24X7 downloading.
Working on Oracle and Sharepoint Developer with testing of Java on (VMware machine).
My Budget is $650-$750. I would also be playing casual games like NFS series, Prince of Persia and Left4Dead.

My friend suggested these laptops
Inspiron M501R Laptop
Inspiron 15R Laptop
wht about these are these good fit for me.

If you have anything else in your mind tell me.

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. Depending on the video card, that wouldn't be a bad choice.
  2. Quote:
    How do u think about this Lenovo 14" Intel Core i5-480M Dual-Core Laptop $549.00?
    Looks cool choice. It might worth u a peek. Hope u find the best bet.

    Here Lenovo G460 is available in Core i3 and not in Core i5
  3. Hey I will delay the buy out of the laptop and wait for Llano as the rumor mill is telling that it is going to worth it. The performance number in relation to 1st generation of Intel are about 80% so will be waiting for real benchies and price.
  4. Quote:
    Why not have a look at http://www.rubytechco.com/category [...] tbook.html

    I just bought a laptop from the site last week, it is really very wonderful to play games with it.Moreover, i t is very cheap and high quality. Come here and don't miss it!

    Is it available in 14" or above.
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