CPU's without fans.

What do you think is the highest performance you could get out of a CPU (any CPU) without a fan?
A T-Bird is faster than a Pentium 3, but it runs hotter, so I imagine it would have to be underclocked more.
On the other hand, you can underclock it without changing the FSB.
What do you think?

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  1. I think the heatsink will be more important than the cpu itself (I mean P3/4/Athlon/Duron). As we all know, it would be safer to try this with an intel cpu. However, I recently posted this:
    <A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=faq&notfound=1&code=1" target="_new"> HEat sink falling off ? </A>

    The second quote. A story of someone who ran his Tbird 1.0@1.5 without fan for a few minutes playing serious sam. Probably not representative, only a few minutes and 70° is damn hot, but running a Duron at +-700 Mhz or a P3 at similar speeds with a Swiftech *might* work (you *will* need good case ventilation). Trying the same with a p4 will definately work, but I no idea what performance you'd get.. maybe 300 Mhz equivalent.. maybe 1Ghz. Anyway want to try ?

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  2. I was thinking the Tualatin would probably run pretty cool, since it's using the .13 micron process (1.5 volts).
    My P3 550 runs very cool, I'd be interested to try it without the fan, but I can't find any software that monitors the CPU temperature (well I know of about ten different programs, but none of them seem to work under Win 2000).

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  3. ordinarilly i would call u silly for thinking up a stupid idea... but i suppose there would be valid niche markets for such a processor... where absolute silence is demanded or a sealed system where a fan would be pretty useless.

    or the mobile processor that just relies on a heatspeader.

    in any case i would attempt to mount the most god-damn largest heatsink possible, copper by prefrence, regardless of processor.
    its all about surface area.

    the ideal solution i guess is that of the P4... optimal running until the heat threshold is passed, when throttling occurs. but if there are mobile athlon 4's that can run at 1Ghz or above with a passive heat sink/spreader then maybe thats your best bet.

    generally i think your speed limit would be around 1.2Ghz currently for the amd line... and 1.4 maybe for the p4, but no idea on if the HS is good enough to prevent throttling

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  4. ~ I suppose there would be valid niche markets for such a processor... where absolute silence is demanded ~

    There certainly is a market. I use a SunRay1 on my desktop, which is essentially a stateless device with all the grunt processing happening on the server end. The SunRay has no fans on any of the chips and does not have a hard drive, it runs sooooo quiet.

    People become accustomed to the noise of the PC but if you have ever been in a office when the power goes off and all those PC's go quiet you really notice how much noise there was.

    I want to base my next PC on the lowest speed Thoroughbred I can get, that way I can just use a heatsink. Also I'll be getting a Barracuda IV drive which is super quiet, and a ECO friendly LCD 18.1" screen.

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  5. I'm such an idiot, I never even thought of a mobile processor.
    Can you buy mobile processors without having to buy the whole laptop (I never really deal with laptops)?
    Where would a get a PSU with no fan?

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  6. My girlfriend bought a new Compaq 5000la (Celeron 766/ chipset intel 810). 2 weeks after that we decided to add more ram, so I opened the case and realized the fan was not working. We took the PC for warranty and no problems, new fan.
    In those 2 weeks working without any fan (just the heatsink) the system was stable for office work and even for quake II (she is a fanatic). So I’m sure that at least that configuration (Cel 766/i810 in a full size ATX case) is possible without any CPU fan.
  7. The new cyrix can run fanless, or you could downclock a athlon mp to around 600mhz, should run without a fan at that speed, just use a big heatsink.

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  8. yep... mobiles do it. a big fat heatspreader.
    but u cant really get a mobile desktop
    the mobile chip and mobo and all the stuff is one unit, and cauz they run off battery or voltage stepped down power they dont need a psu.

    guess the simplest for u is to GET a mobile lol

    Religious wars are 2 groups of people fighting over who has the best imaginary friend.
  9. wussy, did you save enough lunch money for your Athlon?

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