Problems w/ HDD mp3 player (USB 2.0)

First of all I am from Austria (Europe) and so my English maybe not perfect.

All Windows error-messages and driver names are translated from German.

"In Windows" always means "w/ fdisk in a DOS-windows in Windows" in this post.

I have 2 major problems w/ an USB 2.0 mp3-player, which can also be used as an external HDD (I have a dual boot system w/ Win 98SE and Win XP SP1):

1. I tried to install it w/o reading the manual first. because of this (and because it is recognized as an external HDD in the BIOS) I partitioned the mp3-player before installing the software from the CD in MS-DOS. Now, after I read the manual I dont think, that I should have partitioned it at all. But I still would have to format.

Now I can only use the mp3-player as external HDD, I cannot play anything w/ it and I also cannot go into the menu.

The reason why I think, that the partitioning would not be necessary and that it is causing the problem is that after I partitioned it in DOS an installed the driver, I alwys had the drive twice, when I had the mp3-player connected to the USB at boot time, so that the BIOS could recognize it. But since the time I repartitioned it in Windows I only have the drive once.

I also tried to delete the partition in Windows and make a primary DOS-partition also in Windows, but this didnt help, so I did the same again, only this time I made an extended partition instead of a primary partition.

2. It runs only at USB 1.1 (which is very slow, about 600-1000 kB/s) even in Win XP SP1.

On possible reason for this is, that I dont have the right driver installed:

When try to install the driver, that is automatically installed, I get an error-message that in the driver installation file an entry is missing and that the INF-file is maybe for Win95 or higher (I only get this error massage, if no other driver is installed). This driver is from the "Vendor" General. When I try to install on of the other "USB Mass Storage Device" drivers (one is from Vendor Microsoft, the other is from "Vendor" Compatible Devices). When I install the driver from "Vendor" General and there is already another driver installed, everything seems to work normal, but I also only have USB 1.1.

I extracted this driver files and the .INF files w/ Winrar from the file DRIVER.EXE on the installation-CD, because the automatic driver installation (which runs from a differen .exe file) doesnt work and when I doubleclcik on DRIVER.EXE I get a Window w/ a lot of question marks which has Winrar ?????" as title.

Before I treid the different drivers for USB Mass Storage Devices I already tried to uninstall the Chipset driver, remove all USB-devices after the reboot and reinstall the chipsetdriver directly afterward (w/o reboot, because when you reboot, Windows automatically reinstalls all USB-drivers). Also this didnt change anything.

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<b>Edit:</b> The mp3-Player ist a Anubis Typhoon Jukebox My DJ 20GB (Art. Nr.:83073).<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by MrBurns on 01/01/05 10:35 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
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  1. When you get an mp3 player all you do is plug it in and use it, no formatting, partitioning or sometimes even software install is neccissary. Usually with windows XP all you have had to do is plug it in and start dumping music to it.
    Sounds like partitioning/formatting it dumped it's os, time to RMA it. Don't say you repartitioned/formatted it though, lol.
    Have you gotten the USB2 patch for windows XP? I can't remember if it comes in SP1 or not.

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  2. About the USB problem: I solved it by activating USB 2.0 in the BIOS (I have forgot that I had it deactivated before, because I only had slow USB devices before I installed the mp3-player).

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  3. I now also solved problem nr. 1 by repartitioning the drive in WinXP. I had this idea from a differentr forum (I thought, that WinXP is 100% compatible to fdisk when you create a FAT partition).

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  4. A friend of mine had an RCA Lyra Jukebox with 40 GB HD. It worked perfectly well rite out of the box, plug and play, until he decided to delete some of its operating system files without knowing what he was doing. He eventually had to download the drivers and OS files and start over. Check out the web site of your device and contact their tech-support and trouble shooting pages. You may also want or need to update the firmware. Your device will only work with its own operating system installed on it. You may have to install drivers on your PC at first to set up your device. After that you should be able to plug it into any PC with USB 1 or USB 2 interface and use it however it was actually intended to be used with whatever PC operating system specified by the manufacturer of your device. If your PC does not have a USB 2.0 interface you will have to get a USB 2.0 PCI adapter card, in order to make use of the High speed USB 2.0 interface of your device. Most of these devices are only intended to allow you to transfer data, play music files, etc.. Reading the manual is always a good idea!
  5. Here's the German link to your device's download and info page. Just copy and paste the following link to your address bar, hit go and READ ALL of the available info to get your problems solved. 99 percent of computer problems are due to user error. Read your manuals and Tom's hardware guide and you should be OK!!!
  6. The problem is already solved (read my last post).

    Also my mp3-player doe3snt save the operating system files on the HD, it saves it on a firmware chip. Only configuration files are saved on the HDD, but delketing them just resets the configuration.

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