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I've got a couple of machines here running the RTM build of 7. Machine A was at another location when it was set up. At this other location, several other PC's (lets call them B, C and D) were also set up with 7 and a homegroup was created. Now at this new location, I wanted to create a new homegroup on the other machine (let's call this one machine E) and join machine A to it (B, C and D are still at the original location and never travel). When attempting to set up a new homegroup on Machine E, I was prompted for the password of the homegroup machine A was originally joined to. Not thinking anything of it, I grabbed the password from machine A and joined machine E. Now that I realize this won't work for me the way I want it to, I have been trying for about an hour to force Windows 7 on Machine E to leave the homegroup of machines A though D. Each time I do this, I get an error simply stating "Windows couldn't remove your computer from the homegroup". Changing the network type to Work and then attempting to leave yielded the same result, as has rebooting machine E several times.

Does anyone know of a way to force Windows 7 to leave a homegroup?
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  1. RTM? Didn't think the RTM build had been released yet...
  2. It's on MSDN, Technet, and everyone's favorite torrent sites right now.
  3. Right click on the Homegroup in Explorer and choose Change Homegroup Settings. Then look down towards the bottom and choose Leave the Homegroup... that should get you on the way.
  4. That's exactly what I tried. As i said in my original post, every attempt was met with the error message "Windows couldn't remove your computer from the homegroup". The UI based option doesn't seem to be working, so that's why I came here to see if anyone had found another way of forcefully removing a computer from a homegroup.
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    Have you gone and prevented some services from starting? There's a couple that are absolutely required to do anything with Home Groups.
  6. I have not... I'll give that a shot. I'm assuming that "some services" refers to the Homegroup Listener, and Homegroup Provider services?
  7. Yep, those are the ones :)
  8. Cool. I'll post back when i have tried it. I won't have access to the machine again until this Friday.
  9. killed the services and it seems to have worked. Now that I see what it took, I'm kinda pissed that I didn't think of that, but I appreciate the help!
  10. No prob :)
  11. I am having the same problem, disabling the services doesn't help. Can't leave the homegroup, change the password, or even show/print the password (nothing happens when I try that). Any other suggestions?
  12. randomizer said:
    Have you gone and prevented some services from starting? There's a couple that are absolutely required to do anything with Home Groups.

    thank you very much its working
  13. I am using Windows 8.1, but I finally think I have a way : it worked to remove the stale HomeGroup when nothing else could. Not a solid procedure, but here goes :
    1) stop the three "Peer ..." services
    2) stop the two "HomeGroup ..." services
    3) stop the "PNRP ..." service
    4) delete the contents of %Windir%\ServiceProfiles\LocalService\AppData\Roaming\PeerNetworking
    5) forget your network, if wireless, and disconnect
    6) navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HomeGroupProvider\
    7) delete the contents of ServiceData and LocalUserMembership
    8) navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\HomeGroupListener\
    9) delete the contents of ServiceData

    reboot. run homegroup troubleshooter a couple of times.
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