How to fix an external memory

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  1. I need some advise please, I got an external memory at office depot and it fell after that it doesn't connect to the pc any more, any one would know if there is a way to recuperate the information?
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    I assume you mean either a USB hard drive or a USB thumb drive.

    Assuming it's a USB hard drive, you would have to crack open the case and install the hard drive into a computer by normal means (hook up the SATA data and SATA power cables).

    The above assumes it's not the hard drive but the electronics in the case that are the problem. If it's the hard drive you're out of luck.

    Obviously ruining the case voids the Warranty.

    *If you have more information I'd be glad to help further.
  3. Hi there, thank you...
    The external memory is the size of a wallet and as thin as a Blackbery it just doesn't connect. I opened it and tried to connect it with the cable but its the same thing , nothing... will it loose all the data by falling to the ground? I should of known best and put the info on discs like the oldies...
    I thank you very much, I'll try again later this evening and see if I get lucky... It makes me very sad because this are like all my weddings for a year!
    Thank you ,
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  5. Its a 1 TB La Cie external drive. It's used to store files with images as well as written work. Its to take the load off my main MAC OSX computer.
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