Removing windows 8 fully / and running linux mint

I have a computer with 2 drives... one is a SSD and the other is a regular hard drive.
I installed Windows 8 RC... played around with it... now i want to remove it fully and run linux mint 13 now, since my favorite program is now written in linux

the only way i can get linux mint 13 to run is in compatiblity mode, any other time it just hangs up
i tried ubuntu distro and it just hangs as well when running off a dvd or usb drive

please let me know if there is something i need to do in Grub or MBR to get rid of windows 8 fully

i already formatted it off the SSD
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  1. If linux hangs, post in a linux forum to get help. To remove windows 8, format the partition using Gparted once you get linux working.
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