Newbie 1st Laptop owner. Pls advise

Will I suffer from buyers remorse if I buy myself an Acer Aspire 4750G?

Can this computer do alot of 2011 stuff? I hope to keep it for a good 7-10 years.

Will it be worth US$ 550 for the ff?

specs :

I am a 1st time buyer/owner....pls advise :hello:

Thank you for your time...
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  1. Im sorry the pic is not showing.. I cant make it show up.. :(
  2. here it is

    I think it looks like a fine portable laptop
  3. thanks u think its worth the price? its actually my friend whos trying to sell me this...
  4. No PC produced now will be able to function competitively in 7 years time - let alone 10 years, be it a desktop or a laptop. Unless, of course, you are prepared to stick to the same OS and software that you originally load onto it. You also need to bear in mind the wear-n-tear factor, and because laptops are portable they suffer more from breakages than desktops do.

    On the positive side: If the machine is new I can't fault it and it should give you at least 2 years good service (depending what your needs are, of course) after which you will probably be tempted to get a new machine. You will then be able to use the old laptop as a backup, media centre, server or whatever (providing you don't drop it or drive over it too often during it's first two years of life!)
  5. How about the video card, is it any decent? Can it play games outside of Crysis 2?
  6. on lowest settings? yeah you'll be able to play quite a number of games. on higher settings, questionable.
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