Dead CPU? or damaged mobo? help please

I put together a computer for my friend here are the specs.
AMD 1.4 T'brid
1.24 GB PC2100 DDR SDRAM
MSI Geforce2 Pro
3com Ethernet NIC
40GB Hard Drive
52x CD-Rom
24x/12x/40x CDRW

Ok, well I'll start from the begining. I first put all the parts together, I boot up the computer and everything seems to be going well, except for the floppy drive. The lite on it stays on, so I think that I just put the cable on backwards, so I power down, flip the cable, reboot, the light doesnt come on at all. I'm wondering what could be wrong with the Floppy, because I dont think i put the cable on backwards when i connected it to the motherboard, because the cable can only fit in one way. I go into BIOS to check on things, I go into Soft Menu and change my CPU to from the Motherboard's default speed, to 1.4ghz the speed of my cpu. I then reboot again, and I'm still encountering the same problem. I power down, mess with some stuff reboot and now im getting a message on screen saying that the CPU is "unworkable" enter softmenu. I try to enter softmenu, but everything is locked up. I power down very frustrated walk off and decide to come back another day. I come bakc the next day, make sure everything's connected right and take out some of the ram. I power up, and it says that I should have the RAM arranged from DIMM 0 and up. I power down, rearrange the RAM, power back up and i get the bootup screen, then a black screen with only a blinking cursor line thing on the top left corner. I power off, take out all the RAM except for one piece, power back up and now I'm not getting a picture at, all I hear is a series of beeps. I power down take out everythign except for the essentials (one stick of ram, the vid card, the hard drive, floppy and cd roms. I power back up, and the beeeps are gone but I dont have any picture at all. Thinking the problem could be with something i messed up with the CPU speed and the AGP slot speed in the softmenu, i discharge the CMOS and boot back up and im still in the same place.
This computer is driving me insane, Please someone help me. COuld i have a faulty Motherboard or CPU? Are the problems im experiencign aa result of me damageing the CPU or the Motherboard, (that is possible, this is only the 4th computer i've built, the first AMD one). I'm very grateful for any help anyone can provide. Thanks alot.

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  1. >Changing speed in BIOS is ONLY for LAZY people or for HARDCORE OVERCLOCKERS ONLY!

    shut you idiot! you think you're gods gift to overclockers? your statement is a contradiction and doesn't make any sense!

    "<b>AMD/VIA!</b> are <i>still</i> the weakest link, good bye!"
  2. Well I wanted to use the dip switchs, but the ABIT KG7Raid motherboard doesnt have any dipswitchs. Its all set in the BIOS
  3. Beeps were becasue of ram that wasn't seatyed prolyl wasnt workign correctly the WHOEL tiem becasue that LAST ram stick u left in there is prolyl defective it, take THAT SPECIFIC piece out, and replace it with another that u have there.....AND boot back up....SHOULD work....and DONT put that stick back in AT ALL...sounds buggy to me....

    I've had a similar situation.......TRUST ME i know what im talkign about when ti comes to ram problems....

    i put 2 32MB dimms in my machine, ok ran at 64MB (normal) than i stuck in 1 64MB dimm....booted up, post screen still only detected 64MB total....
    THAN i rearranged all of them, now comp. only shows 32MB thinking (damn this is F*cked up!)
    i FIANLTY decide to put the 64MB dimm in DIMM slot 0 and the 2 32's in 1 and 2....AND THAN set all the CAS/RAM timings to WORST POSSIBLE....ok, good, it recognizes now at 128MB.....but in thats ame order if i change ANY of the ram timings into ANYTHIGN else....comp only reads as having 32MB.......messed up i thought.....
    boot up comp..and i get error upon error.....turns out that 64MB dimm is BEYOND defective...BUT runs STABLE AS A ROCK on ANY MOTHERBOARD with a i440BX chipset ONLY.....AND only if its on its till have the dimm....aswell as the 2 other 32's...sittign here in a static bag.......

    if u stick that 64MB dimm in ANY computer with ANY OTHER chipset besides a 440BX....not even LX......the comp will either NOT POST< or will post, detect it, but wont even start to boot OS......its funny....but on its own, in ANY system setup with a 440BX chipset, its STABLE as a rock, even at BEST CAS/RAM TIMINGS.... 2-2-2

    i THAN even decide to pop out my 2 32's i had in here and replace it with my DEFECTIVE 64MB and run it as 2-2-2 timings....ran SOO mcuh better than the pervious 2 32's.....

    now im even happier with 1 256MB pc-133 sdram dimm......

    -MeTaL RoCkEr
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  4. Are the dimms registered, you cant use more than 2 dimms with the kg7raid unless they ALL are registered, and yes, the one you tested sounds bad. Try a different stick.

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  5. What is registering the DIMMS? How do i check if they are registered? and how can i register them?
  6. "Registered" DIMMs are DIMMs that include data buffering circuitry ("registers") of their own. It's something that has to be built into the DIMM at the factory; it's not something you can add later (unless you happen to be extremely l33t with a soldering iron :wink: ).

    The more DIMMs you plan to install, and the more capacity those DIMMs have, the more likely it is you will need registered DIMMs. The motherboard specs generally tell you what limits it's rated for as far as unregistered memory (also called "unbuffered" memory) goes. Another detail to note is that you generally can't mix registered and unregistered memory.

    If you mix registered and unregistered memory, the system will probably not POST and will usually beep at you. If you use all unregistered memory when you should use registered memory, the system will probably POST, but it will probably not be 100% stable.


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