Gaming laptop for my son. Price: $800 - $900

I'm looking to purchase a gaming laptop for my son. He normally plays WoW and at times will play CoD blackops

His old Toshiba laptop is 4 years old and I want to get him a better laptop so that he can have the option of playing better games in the future. He has talked about Crysis and Crysis 2

I have looked into the Sager NP5160

I also saw a nice laptop an HP from a link on slickdeals With a code I can get it for $850 with free shipping.

Spending $900 is really the limit as the ex-wife and I are going to split the costs

A 15" screen is the lowest limit I would like to go 720p resolution is fine as well as that is what he has now.

Battery life is not as important as he normally plays with it plugged in

Being able to play World of Warcraft with max settings is top priority.

A normal DVD is fine. He doesn't need Bluray

Basically the video card is a top priority.

All he really wants this for is a gaming system he can take to friends houses when he goes to visit.

I am leaning towards the HP as it really seems like a great deal. I am just not familiar with HP laptops.

Any suggestions or comments?
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  1. HP dv6 Quad Edition $849 plus the $25 upgrade for the HD 6770M graphics card if you can squeeze it in to the budget.

    AMD Radeon HD 6770M review
    AMD Radeon HD 6490M review
  2. You should build your son a desktop if he always plays with it plugged in.

    It will be upgradeable and much faster.

    Laptops are expensive for what you get, break easily and you can't really work on them yourself if there is a problem.
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