30+ minute boot and still not to windows.

I have a Gateway NV53A running windows 7. It takes over 15 minutes to get to what looks like a blue windows back ground (white bird and green leaves on right, shooting start like streaks. I hard booted and started in safe mode but it still looks the same. I have a blue light that looks like 3stacked CD's that is either on or blinking. My fan is running.
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  1. My bet would be he hdd is toast, run hdd diagnostics.
  2. did it start in safe mode ok?

    if it did i would say software problem not the hard drive
  3. It ran startup repair over night. When I woke up this morning it told me. "Boot sector for system disk partition is corrupt" Repair Action: "Boot sector repair". Result: "Failed. Error Code = 0x45d. (Time taken = 46036ms). Should I pursue getting or making a boot disk and re-loading it?
  4. Did you try the manufactures diagnostics to see if the drive is good or if it has failed?
  5. I can't get windows to open. It hangs on what looks like a windows screen (what bird and leaves on the right, with shooting star light white streaks on a sky blue background. As such i have no idea how to find or run Gateway's diagnotistics but I am guessing the "Start up, repair screen was from Gateway.
  6. Enter the bios find out the manufacture of the hdd(western digital, Seagate, etc) go to those website download the diagnostic burn it to disc or USB key and boot to that to run the diagnostics.
  7. I would recommend creating a Hirens Boot CD and utilize some of the options available to run HDD diagnostics on the drive. There are links to the more popular vendors on there.

    If the drive passes, It's time you take a look at everything running and starting up when your computer does.

    I would recommend using Autoruns.

    Not sure what all those things are? Go to HERE for help with identifying those pesky startup items.
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