Where to find my SATA files

It all started when my computer had a problem during launch so I used the factory reformat.
During the reformat 100% of the time it would say ERROR os error deploy and it would not continue on.
So I got my friend's recovery disk and it turns out the factory reformat wiped EVERYTHING out.

How can I download my SATA drivers onto a USB drive?

I have an ASUS G53SW-A1 gaming laptop.

I inserted a reformat disk my friend gave me but now It does not locate any drivers

After some quick google searches it turns out I need to insert a USB with the SATA drivers?
How can I download and where?
I'm really new to this: Thanks
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  1. which one will it be? Sorry im very noob
  2. Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver its under the others category.
  3. ok so I just download it, put it on the same USB driver as the recovery disk I have (I can do this right) and use this guide:

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