Acer 3810T w/ Windows 7 - Won't Show WiFi Networks

I have an Acer Aspire 3810T running Windows 7. I was having problems with WiFi not showing up at times and when I would do a restart the WiFi networks would show up.
I was told earlier the best way to fix this is to uninstall the WiFi drivers and then reinstall them. I uninstalled 2 drivers in Device Manager and both seemed to have to do with WiFi and I know one was Intel WiFI Link 5100 AGN.
I then did a search for hardware to reinstall the drivers and the one listed above is the one that was found but I think it's missing another one that I deleted.
Unfortunately no WiFi networks show up at all on my laptop. When I select the bars at the bottom right of the screen it's simply empty. I have shut down the system, restarted, and it appears my WiFi is on.
If I select Open Network and Sharing Center and select Set up a New Network or Connection and select Manually Connect to a New Network for example it says "An Unexpected Error Occurred" so I know something is wrong with the networking drivers.
Without WiFi the laptop is almost useless and I don't want to reinstall Windows 7 and have to set up everying again.
Does anyone have any idea of what may be wrong and how I can go about correct this issue?
Thank you for your help.
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  1. Why not run the recovery/repair cd that came with your laptop. It should have all the drivers you need on it.
  2. I'll give that a try. I even thought of reinstalling Windows 7 but I don't want to lose all my settings/software. If I do something like a reinstall of Windows 7 or do the recovery/repair CD won't it reset everything to factory defaults?
  3. No using repair will just fix what's broken, you won't lose anything. Either way you should do regular backups in case things like that happen.
  4. I'll try doing a repair then. I definitely learned my lesson with backups and will be doing that in the future.
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