Athlon 1.4 super hot 62 C?

i just put together an athlon 1.4 266fsb sytem. when i turn it on and go into bios it says the temp is 62 degrees C can this be right? what can i do to fix this besides getting a new HSF. Athlon was retail version so it came with the HSF. I don't want to fry my cpu, someone please help!
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  1. well firstly, 62C is getting close to the upper limit anyone would want to run an athlon. any higher you would probably get lockups.

    there are a number of possible reasons why its so hot.
    1. crap cooler
    2. cooler has thermal pad
    3. poor case cooling

    all of these are easily (and cheaply) fixable.
    cheap coolers usually have a poor design, fewer fins for less surface area and/or a cheap slow quiet fan. there are oodles of diff designs out there. toms does a decent cooler review. spend some time looking at it.
    the cooler can be improved by attaching a more powerful fan... to an extent.
    probably better to check No.2 in my list, thermal pad. just about everyone thinks that thermal pads are crap for heat transference, and the better HSF's dont have them at all. get the pad romoved and some thermal grease applied instead.

    finally, a cooler is only as good as the temp of the incomming air. if you arnt getting good case ventilation your cooler is circulating the same hot air. not good.
    a couple of cheap casefans can do the job.
    on front sucking, one back blowing. also have a look at where your cables are, the wide ide rippons can disrupt airflow bad.

    remember... how far u go is up to you.
    adequate cooling can be done very cheaply. if you want a case that acts like a supersonic windtunnel then its probably gonna cost you LOL

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  2. I have 2 1.4GHz Athlons and both run from 55C to 64C depending on the temp in the room from day to night. You don't want to go too much higher than 60-65C but if your system is running stable then you should be ok. Just know that running at a higher temp will possibly shorten the life of your CPU. By how much I don't know. Consider additional case fans to increase air flow and try to drop the temp. down. Better Heat Sink Fans can also help.
  3. Boot into windows, put on ut or quake 3, and play, if it does not lock up, its fine.

    How many case fans do you have, if any?

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  4. well the system is stable, at least it has been so far. the HSF does have a thermal pad, but it seemed to be high quality. it wasn't thermal tape but some sort of pliable material. if i do decide to take this off how should i go about it without damaging the HSF (I.E scratching the surface)? and what type of thermal paste would you reccommend?
    thanks for replieing so quickly, i really appreciate it.
  5. Just scrape it off with a tootpick or something and you can clean it with Isopropyl alcohol. The put on some Artic Silver II. It's the best thermal paste. It usually lowers the temps 3~4c just by using that instead of the thermal pad that came with your HSF.

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  6. yep... those thermal pad thinggies arnt really much good.
    the removal of them can reduce temps by up to 10C!

    somthing moderately stiff and flat should do the job... credit card maybe, then some IPA or metho for the remaining dregs.

    and then a VERY LIGHT smear of arctic silver.. barely half a grain of rice.
    if your HS has a flat surface you really dont need much.

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  7. hi,
    i'm definitely getting a new 1800XP this weekend probably. i have been looking at heatsinks (well, half-assed i admit). the swiftek 462 looks really nice, but would that be overkill? i'm not going to overclock, but it's going to be under a workload a good deal (will be my main video station). i had a preference too that i liked the idea of using the "screw method" better than the clips. are the shims a necessity? thanks again for any info.

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  8. hmmm the 1800 huh... *thinks* 1533Mhz.
    i guess the power output then would be around the level of a 1333 or 1400 t-bird.

    if your not overclocking, the 462 IS overkill a bit. a decent aluminium or copper clip HSF should be fine, ive been using a winfop32-1 with an OC-ed processor running full load for the past 4 months or so, but my temps have been climbing as the days get warmer.
    however if your going to work in a very hot envoronment and dont mind paying the money the 462 is a great investment.
    ive seen one in action (aint got it just yet) and it does do a fantastic job, and the big 80mm fan on the 462A model is amazing quiet compared to the standard 60mm.
    plus the screw in system offers considerable piece of mind .

    final call is up to you. can you afford that level of piece of mind?

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  9. Damn!
    I've just got an Athlon 1400 and I can NEVER have it under 64 C!! I think it has never reached 70 but it's way too close it's runnin at 67-69 most of the time... It seems to run stable, I ain't got Quake III but I've played Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike and Rogue Spear for hours straight and it seems to stick at those temperatures without any lock ups. ¿Should I be worried?
    I was also doubting I've really got a 266FSB athlon... is there any way to really know this? if it really was at 200 how hot would it get running it uder 266? (if it can be done at all)
    I'm using a cooler master DP5-6131C-A1 and belive me it's the best u can get down here... it had a very thin square of a pinky stuff that melted on the procesor, it doesn't seems like much help but I wouldn't tell... If I ever get some grease should I leave that pinky stuff there? it seems hard to remove.

    Thank you.
  10. thanks lhgpoobaa. i was looking at the globalwin fop32-1 and the swiftech mcx370. both look good but i think the global will be enough for me. heat isn't a problem. in the winter i usually have the vents shut off in that room so it's cool and in the summer the ac is always kicking. one last question though, is it necessary to use a shim? or does the arctic silver perform the same function? thanks again, sorry for the questions, i always got retail pentiums before :/

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  11. well i wouldnt say the fop32-1 is amazing... it does the job i suppose

    personally if i was back at when i got my PC and had the choice of te fop32-1 and the all alluminium 370 i would go for the latter definately, better design than the fop32-1.

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  12. You probably have an asus mobo, in which case your temps are 10c too high, ive said it 100 times and I will say it 100 more(for the post count ;-)) IF IT DOSENT LOCK UP, YOUR TEMPS ARE FINE!

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  13. Yeah... then I guess I wont worry...
    I've got a MSI 6380... today I checked and cleared my ides a bit out of the way for my front fan... now I'm 2 C below so even better... It seems the MSI has an auto power of if the CPU gets too hot (i've set it to 75) so it makes me feel safer... I just hope it actually works if the cooler falls down or something!
    From what I read at it seems 65 C it's an average working temp so we are fine!
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