Duron 1100 vs. Celeron 1200 article

I just read the article and one thing bugs me.
In the end when the performance of the two overclocked cpus where compared, howcome the Duron was running at 100 MHz FSB. As the writers themselves stated this is running the cpu with the handbrake on. If I am to overclock this fine cpu to 1.25 GHz I would certainly not choose the 12.5 x 100 MHz combination but as any sane overclocker go with 9.5 x 133 MHz.

The only explanation I can think of why this is done is that no multiplier settings below 10 is available, is this true? In that case I think this should be stated in the article, otherwise I suggest the article be updated with new benchmarks since the current comparison is unfair.

On another note, in my opinion it seems very likely that a lot of the Celeron 1200s would be capable of reaching a stable 1.6 GHz. This would be a real screamer performance/price cpu.
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  1. My immediate impression of the Celeron 1200 was that I could probably run it without a fan if I had a high quality heat sink on it. I'll get a silent PC yet. :)

    "Ignorance is bliss, but I tend to get screwed over."
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