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The AVG Free I was running on Windows XP will not install on my Dell Inspiron 15R. Is that an O/S incompatibility issue? Is it a problem with the McAfee trial that is on the PC but I did not activate. I will uninstall the McAfee on the 15r laptop. In the meantime, if you know the correct answer, please let me know.

Mike Elzey
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  1. you should only in install one AntiVirus software at a time. McAfee might see AVG as a threat and prevents it from being installed.
  2. Exactly what Emerald said. One antivirus will see even the small snippets of code (called signatures) that the other uses to identify viruses as viruses and as such it will prevent the installation. Personally I'd also switch from AVG to Avast. Reason for that is that Avast is and always has been free whereas AVG is constantly nagging to upgrade to the paid software. I am the network support tech at my workplace and we run AVG as that's what my boss wanted us to run for some god forsaken reason. Having to disable that notifcation was a huge PITA requiring registery edits and other such things to prevent that specific code from loading.
  3. I think Emerald is right. McAfee is preventing AVG from installing.
    The most recent version of AVG Free should install on your laptop without any issues.

    Another good options is Microsoft Security Essentials
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