Duron 1100 Vs Celeron 1200: Bad UT Performance?


After reading the review of the Duron vs Celeron battle, I have noticed that your Unreal Tournament performance is WAY BELOW par in comparison to my system that I have.

I have several computers with the following configurations
- System 1: Athlon 1GHz with ATI Rage Fury (Rage I)
- System 2: Duron 800Mhz with Hercules Prophet 4500 64 MB DDR
- System 3: Intel Pentium II 400Mhz with ATI Rage 128 Pro 64MB DDR
- System 4: Intel Pentium II 350MHz with Geforce 2 MX

We can get better performance that what your results showed us. I have noticed that you ONLY use the D3D drivers for this game. D3D under UT is the worst configuration for Unreal Tournament. I would strongly suggest that you start showing results with UT in OpenGL modes.

First, you would need to patch to 4.36 of UT and goto
http://unreal.epicgames.com to get the latest opengl.drv and d3d.drv for UT. This increases performance several folds.

Just to give you some examples, here are some of the benchmarks I get in UT for the above systems with optimized settings:

- System 1: 45-55 FPS OpenGL at 800*600@32bit
- System 2: 75-100 FPS OpenGL at 1280*1024@32bit
- System 3: 30-40 FPS OpenGL at 800*600@16bit
- System 4: 65-75 FPS OpenGL at 1024*768@16bit

As you can see, The Hercules card on a Duron 800Mhz platform and the GeForce2 MX on a PII 350Mhz platform completely blows your Geforce3 configuration on your Testing results. OpenGL under UT has been finally fixed so that there are no crashing. We do not experience any crashing or bugs with it.

Therefore, I would recommend adding an addendum to your article with the OpenGL results for UT to show the true potential of OpenGL under such a high CPU intensive game.

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  1. hmmms interesting.

    someone recently pointed out that UT actually has 3dnow! optimisations enabled, thus squewing the results towards amd. by how much, who knows?

    i dont use openGL as its always dark and changing the brightness doesnt :(
    a shame cauz it seems to be more stable under opengl

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  2. Just out of curiosity, why does your best system have the worst video card?

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  3. Actually I was just about to point that out....LoL

    And to whoever it was in this post that said they heard UT was 3D Now! Enabled only.....
    It was JUIN who said that originally, and its a bunch of pure BS.....
    Only 3D Now! Optimized eh ?? HAH!

    How old/new is the game Juin ??? yea, thats what I thought, if DEFINENTLY has SSE support.....look at the difference of the Tulyl Celery and Morgan Duron..not a HUGE difference, but compare liek Tully Celery to Tully PIII and compare Morgan Duron to T-Bird Athlon.......what do you notice ?? More L2 Cache you got, the BETTER the performance....thats the main factor......this is why the Tully (in all flavours) stomps on the Duron in that benchmark ONLY in LOW resolutions (come on, who plays at 640x480x16 colours?) thats what i thought......

    Duron 1100 Trumps on Tully Celery......

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