Sony vaio drivers for windows 7 32 bit vpccw26fg

Hello fellas,

I have a sony vaio vpccw26fg laptop and recently installed a 32 bits Windows 7 OS after an hardisk crash. I currently have issues locating compatible drivers (especially VGA) because all i'm seeing is for the original 64 bits Windows 7.

Please is there any way around this or i'll have to install a 64bits OS as was originally installed from factory?
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  1. You will have to install 64-bit Windows 7 if Sony only have 64-bit Windows 7 drivers.
    There is no other way to solve that particular problem I'm afraid.
  2. You can find the drivers for that version HERE .

    Next time I would recommend you try Google. It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling when you accomplish something for yourself.
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