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Hi guys. I am new to this forum but I am a frequent visitor to Toms Hardware and I was wondering if one of you might be able to help me with a problem I am having. I just put together a new system with the following specs:

Asus a7a266 Motherboard
AMD 1.2 ghz Athlon Processor 266 FSB (with AMD preassembled fan and heatsink)
256 Megs Crucial PC2100 DDR Sdram
Midtower case with 300 watt power supply and rear case fan

These are the new parts. I also have a Geforce2 MX video card if that could be relevant. The problem I am having is that even with all the fans, my motherboard keeps giving me overheating errors. When I first power on my pc its fine for a while but as I use applications or play games the temperature on my cpu keeps on rising. So far the max I've let it get to is about 150 degrees fahrenheit but I would imagine that it might climb higher than that if I let it. Do any of you know what the maximum safe temperature is for a 1.2 Athlon? Is what I am experiencing normal? If not then what might I do to fix this? I put together a 500mhz AMD system a few years back but it didn't need near as much cooling. After seeing the video done on this site showing the Athlon burning up I dont want to take any chances. Thanks for any help you can provide!!!

Joshua a.k.a. CyberGeek

P.S. I am not sure if my power supply is AMD approved so could this be the cause? Thanks!!!
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  1. Asus motherboards have a problem with monitoring temps too high, 10c is the figure I see quoted most, turn off your cpu temp warnings and watch it, it should stabilize and then you can go from there, if it locks up pull the plug immediatly. if it dosent lock up then try testing with a game etc, if it is fine, chalk it up to a bad temp reading from asus and continue running blissfully.

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  2. It's not Asus motherboards, it's the software Asus Probe. If you download Via Hardware Monitor, you'll be happy.
    Or Motherboard Monitor. I just could never get that to work properly.

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  3. LMAO, "I just could never get that to work properly"

    Gotta love that high level of QA

    you didnt need it anyway.
  4. Umm....I personally use it's monitoring and so on, but I have never experienced temps approaching that. You may want to check into the HSF install job. Even accounting for the 10oC, that's still fairly high.
  5. You're right, I didn't need it. I've never had any heat or instability problems, which is why I didn't put much effort into getting it to work.

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  6. ::allows himself this one small post to help fatty::

    Fugger, dont you have some videocards to fry in vain attempts to remove your foot from your mouth?

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  7. Well the fan, heatsink, and compound were all provided by AMD as I ahd purchased a boxed processor. The cpu is on as tight as it could possibly be and the fan is spinning fast but there may be a chance that its not making good contact. The peak it reaches at full laod is 67C so I am afraid to use it very long. I turned off Asus Probe and the built in temeprature gauge on my board still brings up those readings. Anyways I appreciate your guys help. I guess I'll have to keep experimenting till I figure out what works.

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