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Which Processor Do You Recommend?

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October 3, 2001 4:30:38 PM

I'm getting ready to buy either a Gigabyte GA-7DXR or Abit KG7 RAID. However, people have told me not to put a 1.4 Athlon (not overclocked) because of heat/stability issues. Like I said, I don't plan on overclocking this right need to, right?

I planned on getting a retail 1.4 athlon which comes with a recommended HSF so that at least I will get the 3 yr warranty. However, people are recommending for me to get a 1.2 or lower athlon because they are more stable and you don't need a 1.4. Also, people tell me to wait for the Athlon XP's to come out (which is soon I hear) cause they run cooler. My only argument with that is that I'm already tired of waiting for "the next best thing," and no matter what I'll bet they're gonna be a little more expensive.

I must say though, the reason why I wanted a 1.4 athlon is because of the price/speed issue, obviously, but also so I can squeeze maybe an extra year out of my rig when it becomes obsolete. Since 1.4's are only about 20 bucks more I thought this would be wise to get, but now I don't know!

Anyone have either the GA-7DXR or Abit KG7-RAID with a 1.4 athlon? Is it COMPLETELY STABLE? Are you glad you bought the 1.4 over something a little slower? Are you using the HSF that came with the processor or did you buy something better? If so, don't you care about the warranty?


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October 3, 2001 5:24:58 PM

If you get an Athlon 1.4Ghz and mount the boxed cooler properly (don't forget cooling paste) you should have no stability problems at all. The Athlon 1400 DOES get hot, but it still runs stable. I've seen several Athlon 1400 systems, and they were all running without a hitch.

If you CAN wait, I would recommend getting an Athlon XP when it comes out, as it should offer greater performance as well as a cooler running core, which will keep your overall system temperature down. I don't think the XP will be (much) more expensive than the Thunderbird, as AMD's pricing policy tends to be rather aggressive. When Thunderbird was launched, it carried the same price tag as the old Athlon, so as to get people to buy the new CPU, I think the same could be the case with Athlon XP.
October 3, 2001 5:38:27 PM

yes, you dont need to go for a full 1.4 GHz Athlon, basically its almost same as 1.1 GHz or 1.2 Ghz. in fact you could buy a 1.1 GHz chip and run it at 1.4 or even higher with little effort (watch the CPU mfg codes, the AHYJA is supposed to be the best one)

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October 3, 2001 5:49:51 PM

the 1.4 costs only 20 bucks more than the 1.1 why not just get the best and be done with it, plus the 1.4ayjha will go to 1.6 aircooled.(not with stock heatsink mind you) while the 1.1ayjha tops off at 1.5ish.

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October 3, 2001 11:36:44 PM

If you decide to get the 1.4 retail boxed, I would try using the standard pad or saving it (if you can get it off without destroying it). Amd will void the warranty if you use thermal paste instead of the pad.
October 4, 2001 12:08:09 AM

I have a AMD 1.4 and GA-7DXR. It runs stable and fast. No overheating probs. I'm using the retail 1.4 with the boxed HSF. Average 52 celcius. I've been running Unreal Tourn. and warbirds alot and still running strong. Also have GeForce 3 Vid card so CPU not that taxed.

Only prob I have is the temp sensor on the mobo went bad but the CPU is running just fine. I've been told by several techs the temp sensor isnt needed until I OC the thing which I dont think I'll do anytime soon
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October 4, 2001 2:30:36 AM

Thanks for replying. I was worried that searching for a person with a 1.4 Athlon and the GA-7DXR was a lost cause. Everyone on here recommends the KG7-RAID and , although I don't doubt this is a good board, the whole "filling the DIMMs to capacity with unbuffered DDR," and "incompatibility w/ soundblaster platinum 5.1 cards" kinda turned me off.

I have a few other questions for you also. When/where did you buy your cpu and 7DXR? I'm constantly looking for the best prices, but I'd pay a little more for products that actually work. Also, what memory are you using? I'm thinking about Corsair pc2400 (2 sticks of 256) or the pc2100's from crucial. I hear, from experience, that if you want to push the FSB past 133 to use the pc2400's. Like I said, however, I don't plan to overclock in the beginning, but that option is always welcomed. Can you fill up all three slots with either unbuffered or registered DDR? Any problems using 512 mb of memory?

Also, did you use arctic silver? I hear that that is a good idea, even though it might void your warranty.

And finally, I was told to only install the AMD drivers and not the VIA 4 in 1's. This will solve any compatibility issues with my soundblaster platinum 5.1, so I hear.

Which bios are you using?

Are you using any extra cooling fans? I have an antec 1040b w/ 4 fans. This case is supposed to allow maximum air flow. Also, I'm going to be using a 400 Antec psu.


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October 4, 2001 11:14:25 AM

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October 4, 2001 2:35:54 PM

First I'll list my components:
case: enlight 7237, 340W power sup.
mobo/cpu: giga. GA-7DXR, 1.4 T-bird
vid: MSI starforce 822 geforce 3
sound: SB live x-gamer 5.1
memory: 512 MB Crucial PC2100, unbuffered, non-ecc (2x 256mb sticks) stay away from ECC, it eats up cpu clock cycles
speakers: cambridge soundworks DTT 3500 5.1
OS: Win ME

In re. when/where bought: I went to 4 local independent computer dealers and gave them my list of components I wanted installed in my computer. I can install all the hardware, it's the software that throws me so I'll pay the experts to install and get working correctly for me.

I purchased the keybrd, mouse, speakers and monitor on my own. I also requested all the boxes, manuals and discs that the components came in to the computer dealer.

I bought from the dealer with the lowest price.

I had the tech install the AMD drivers NOT the via ones. So far no probs with the sound card.

Using the bios that came with the mobo.

My CPU is a retail version and came with a HSF. Im using the HSF that came with it to keep he warranty intact. No heat issues so far. 3 weeks old now. have run Unreal Tourn. to try and tax the CPU. It's runing very strong. I think my temp sensor on te mobo might be bad. It was reading 67 Celcius. I opened the case and felt the heatsink, it felt at best a little warm so I went to my local tech who is an AMD groupie. He said he has never used a giga-byte mobo but he has 2 c-puter both with 1.4 t-birds and they run about 50 celcius. He said he put a probe on my cpu and it was reading 51 C. He said he doesnt want to point fingers but maybe the gigabyte mobo reads temp differntly or its a bad sensor. I/m not an OC'er (yet) so I ''m not gonna worry bout it. Like I've read here on Toms, if it dont crash, dont worry bout it!!

As far as extra case cooling, I enlarged the openngs in the front case grill with a dremel tool and installed an additional case fan to the rear of the case to help exhaust the heat.

Bottom line is, it cost me $2290.00 total including tax for the whole stinkin thing. I got my reference prices from to get an estimate of how much mark-up the dealer tacked on.

Did I miss anything?


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