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I've just bought a HP Pavillion DV6 Laptop from Staples (Probably my first mistake) I went to download AVG but was stopped because there were some Norton files stopping it from installing. I went into control panel to uninstall them properly and when it rebooted, all I'm left with is a grey screen. Turning off and on again has not worked. there were no system discs with it so I'm left with an expensive paperweight - Can anyone out there help please, It was bought for my wifes college course so the pressure is on!
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  1. what did you uninstall?

    can you boot into Save Mode?
  2. Don't know exactly, there were two Norton folders, one was called Norton online or something similar, so I left that and went for the bigger folder first. I was just going to rid the computer of all the Norton folders so AVG would install. Unplugging and removing the battery for twenty minutes seemed to have made a difference when it booted up again, but after I install anything (office etc) it automatically starts a reboot to save settings then greys out again. No writing or flashes of command prompts or anything. Been turned off in frustration so we'll see what tomorrow brings when its had chance to think about it.
  3. Frankly if you have the license and such do what I do. Format and reinstall with a clean OS so you don't have any of that junk wear. That will solve about 99% of the problems most people have with big box stores and their computers
  4. Hadn't even considered formatting thanks. Have narrowed the greying out problem down to leaving a USB device plugged in (wireless mouse - usb stick etc) on boot up. Any ideas on a simple cure for that before going the reformatting route. At the moment she unplugs the little wireless device on shut down but it wont be long before it gets lost, which will obviously be my fault somehow.
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