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How to remove the windows 7 administrator password which has been forgot and can

it set through hp security tool so tell me how can i remove it?
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  1. We do not help with removing or circumventing passwords. Do not ask.
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    Unfortunately, we have no way to prove you legitimately own the computer you're asking for assistance with.

    It's actually against forum rules for anyone to assist with hacking, removing, or bypassing a password.

    Please refer to this thread for further assistance.
  3. what about if you are the PC support, like me... the work PC's are all win 7 pro, and all you have to do to remove or change the password is to login as admin and go change it... no need to enter the admin pwd (it's damned long!!!)

    >>> do note that many **do not know** that there is an 'invisible administrator' <<
    - So they are usually NOT talking about that, just the account that was setup during install, with full rights, hence is naturally called 'admin' , it being the only one... :)

    I was given a licence code for win7 Pro OA (for my home PC!), due to a laptop motherboard failure, and I managed to make the display work on a broken laptop, so the boss was very happy!! :) :)

    the problem I came here for, is that the install gave me the usual full rights, BUT it needs a password to change the password!! and of course I have forgotten the simple password, as I have used netplwiz to disable the logon for my home PC.. yes, even the 'reset disk' needs the pwd, and will not accept 'nothing' as it says it does... ???

    I am trying to network my laptop, so now I need that password to logon to my home network... :( :/

    If I have overlooked some tweak, please do tell :)
  4. yeah rules... you may be very much 'behind the times' here, PC's are far better protected these days, one company I know does not even allow you to browse your files!!! (except within word, etc...)

    there are far better forums that will *HELP* the home user, knowing that their instructions are **not** possible, unless you have admin access, or physical access to the hardware...

    winability, wikihow, sevenforums...
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