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Why is palomino harder to overclock ?

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October 3, 2001 5:41:48 PM

I have read that AMD’s palomino core seems to harder to overclock than Thunderbird, why is this ? This is supported by Anandtech who state the same in an old review of Athlon MP 1.2Ghz. This also seems to be true with the new Morgan based Duron…

<font color=blue>“So far our Duron overclocking tests (using standard air-cooled devices) have shown a willingness to hit upwards of 1.15 GHz, but then encounters serious trouble going any higher.”
(Source:</font color=blue>

Does this mean that it will take longer for AMD to produce higher clocked Athlon XP’s in the future ?

Other questions to do with voltage arise with the Duron Morgan core. See the extracts below:

<font color=blue>“Instead of the standard Duron voltage of 1.6V, the newer Duron 1 and 1.1 GHz design calls for a higher 1.75V as the default….the fact that the new AMD core was supposed to actually lower the core voltage requirements…Mobile Athlon 4 needs only 1.4V of power.”
(Source:</font color=blue>

Why doesn’t AMD use 1.4v for the Duron Morgan too ? Apparently it runs ok on 1.6v (?!)

This poses some questions about the integrity of the new palomino core and whether these modifications has had an overall effect on the Athlon’s clockability. Are these issues related to the fact that .18 micron is still being used (?) if so what is the highest clock rate AMD can achieve using this process ? Will these issues be resolved when AMD switch to .13 micron process ?

(I have too many questions and not enough answers !)

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October 3, 2001 5:51:42 PM

Most athlon mp's I have read about hit 1.5 easily, so I dont think that there is a manufacturing issue there.

Not sure about the durons though.

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October 3, 2001 6:48:29 PM

youve only seen the MPs which arent made with single processor performance in mind but rather their dual processor setups, a little problem could be that good large heatsinks are difficult to attach on multiprocessor boards...

if in doubt blame microsoft...