(SOLVED) Please Select Your Boot Device( PC freeze every 1hour SSD)

Hello! I will say how it all happended
I was playing Chivalry Medieval Warfare (game) then i minimized it and started Minecraft (game) i forgot that im running 2 games and didnt realize it so i was playing Minecraft like 4mins but then it freezed but i could move with mouse and instead of mouse there was loading icon/wait circle so i tried ctrl+alt+del but it didnt react but still i heard my friends on skype and they heard me and then appeared small icon in left down corner and there was something like "System Windows stopped working end this program now?" It was something like that but im not sure mby it was just that if i want to end the minecraft/chivalry so i clicked on Stop Now. But it freezed anyway still had instead of mouse the loading/wait circle.

So i restarted PC by button then appeared ASUS motherboard icon and hit Del key to bios etc... dissapeared and then again appeared and was there like 10-15sec and then appeared Please Select Your Booting Device or Insert Booting Device and hit key... So i turned off PC by button and then turned on again and it worked just asked if start Windows Normally.

But the problem is every 1hour +- all programs stop responding but i can move with mouse and have to restart PC and again this problem Please select booting.... so i turn off and turn on PC again choose Start Windows Normally and again this repeat (1x it freezed totally and then appeared Blue Screen but now happens only this what i said programms stop responding )
But if i turn off and turn on PC before the stop responding of all programms the "countdown" resets so i have again 1hour+-

I tried also System Restore ( restored to 3days back) but didnt help.
I have 2x 6950 AMD and driver updated 2-3days before this problem (now its Catalyst 13.1) and mine motherboard is P8Z68-V and CPU i5-2500k RAM 8 GB and the Harddisk or SSD not sure now is Samsung HD103SJ
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  1. Your hard drive could have an intermittent fault so I would test it with SeaTools for DOS:

    Create a CD from the ISO file using IMGBurn:

    Boot your faulty computer from that CD to test the hard drive.
  2. phil22 said:
    Your hard drive could have an intermittent fault so I would test it with SeaTools for DOS:

    Create a CD from the ISO file using IMGBurn:

    Boot your faulty computer from that CD to test the hard drive.

    Ok i booted from that CD but didnt work mouse in it so i hit enter to accept the license and then it scanned and said that "No Hard Drive Found" and then if u think thats incorrect check cables etc..
  3. back up all your data before the drive stop and get a new one or rma if it still under warranty .
  4. Cleaned PC from Dust... Didnt help.. Freezes every 1hour whatever i do... :(
  5. do a check disc you could have bad sector on the drive the corhet option is to try the drive maker tool .
  6. Should i check both Automatically Attempt to Fix Errors and Recover Bad Sectors? And is it safe? ( Also I have C and D folder so i guess i have to check both ) What is Driver maker tool? ( Sorry for late respond i thought i posted it and then i forgot, damn i could have answer alrdy )
  7. you link to the dirve maker and they have a software tool to test there drive ,your c drive that have the os name and model then the d drive if it is another drive not a partition on the first drive
  8. Sorry but i dont understand... What about the disc check ?
    if u meant some software for disc check then please give me link...
  9. the link you post is for the windows interface to check disc surface use the top one not the command line also give the exact name and model of your drive i will link you to the maker tool that they use to test there drive for defect .
  10. Motherboard: Asus P8Z68-V
    HDD Samsung F3 7200 RPM
  11. What kind of test should i run? Tried the Smart Check on HD103SJ and M4-CT128M4SSD2 and both resulted in SMART - Pass ( Also tried Short Drive Self Test - Pass) Btw checked Driver Information and it say mine Hard Disk is Power-On Hours:5552 ( i guess thats kinda a lot :D , When i turn off PC i dont turn off the button on the back of PC - power supply should i turn it also off? )
  12. i leave the psu on and only turn of the case power with the windows interface to shut software off . for the drive time look normal ,your os is on the ssd unplug the hdd and try to boot the system to see if bios will detect thessd and os so it could boot .
  13. Uhm... That will be problem i have never opened the PC i guess its not good idea to open it and unplugg the HDD when i neva did it?
  14. stop computer then look at this up to step 2 and unplug the cable you dont have to go further on the step do the test with the ssd then shut sytem and plug back the cable after the system is the same that it was before unplug you the hdd .
  15. Ok ill do it :). Why i have to again unplug the hdd at the end? And which test you mean? If the bios will detect the ssd and os and if it will boot?
    EDIT: Unplugged the HDD started PC it automaticly booted and detected SSD and started windows there was only "C" where is windows without the "D" (HDD) so the windows is on SSD and everything worked fine. So i plugged HDD again and it automaticly detected the HDD and now i have there also the "D" :). Mby its now fixed and it wont freeze anymore... Btw i didnt try if it freeze only with the SSD plugged in ( HDD unplugged )
    Well normally it still freeze... But didnt try if it freeze only with the SSD plugged
    Maybe Graphic card malfunctioning? VGA or Graphic adapter (card) itself? Broken Capacitor ?
  16. if the system boot and do not freze with the ssd only i would suspect the hdd to do the freeze use the seagate seatool on the link in the post to test the hdd maybe you will have to rma this drive for defect the tool will give you the answer .
  17. Ok ill try only SSD if it freeze... With SeaTools for Windows u posted the link and i checked both SSD and HDD and resulted in "pass" but i didnt do the Advanced Test cuz it say it can damage data or what.... and on HDD didnt do the Long Generic test cuz it take too long and pc freeze 1hour didnt have enough time..
    EDIT: Ok i tested only SSD plugged in... And it still freeze... I did almost nothing.. Was on skype call + had opened Google Chrome but with kinda a lot of tabs but CPU usage was like 40% and Ram 30%... Didnt check GPU temperature but its often 40-50C which is normal and after restart checked in Bios temperature of CPU/Mob and one was 30 and other 25+- which is also normal.
    So the problem isnt HDD it freezed still without the HDD plugged in
    Mby problem in windows/drivers? Should i format the SSD? ( Where is Windows) i can use the HDD as "external HDD"
  18. do you have a friend that could test your ssd in is computer to see it will freeze also try to test your psu with another one system could be loosing power and freeze .
  19. Uhm actualy i think no.. Only chance is service.. But wanted to try fix it without need to go to service... Might format fix it ?:(
  20. could be not because the psu or the motherboard could be the one that made the freeze on that hdd since it is a big one could you install your os and test the system only with it not using the ssd also with only one memory stick at the time .
  21. Without SSD? hmm.. And One memory stick what u mean?
    EDIT: OK For First I Need to derermine if its Hardware or Software... How do it? leave PC running in Bios and if it freeze? Or Leave running Windows 7 DVD setup and if it freeze = hardware problem?
  22. that is to help to find with part is making the computer freeze that why i ask you to install a os on you hdd then use only one memory stick on the board in the first slot and boot the system, the os should be on the hdd drive also if you have another system you could try the memory sticks in and do a memtest on them .
  23. FIXED IT!!!! YES!!!! I have the Crucial M4 2.5-inch SSD 128 GB and i had on it FIRMWARE 0009 (its kinda old!) ON THIS Firmware is BUG Which Appear After 5k+ Powered Hours! And Causes these freezes/please select booting.../problem with detection SSD !!! Just Needed to UPDATE to the Latest Firmware and WORKING PERFECTLY!!!

    PS: Admin please mark this as best answer and mark this topic as Solved so others can see :)
  24. good thanks for posting the result this will help other with the same issue . scout-03
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