Windows 7 crashes when i try to play games?

This event started ever since last saturday. For some odd reason, while i was in a game of HoN, my screen suddenly switched to random stripes of black and white, and my speaker kept on played random static noises. The only solution for me was to force restart. Ever since than, when i enter full-screen gaming, my computer will automatically crash, forcing me to force restart every time. I then proceed to played the game in windows mode. This time, it did not give me the random stripes, but it gave me the black screen of death. I force restarted again.

I tried system restoring, sfc/ scannow command, scan my computer for viruses, hardware defrag, but nothing seems to work. Anyone knows what is wrong with my laptop? :(

Windows 7 Home Premium
HP pavilion dv7 - 3060cl Entertainment Notebook
450 GB HD
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  1. Over you have the laptop setup on carpet or a soft surface?If you do....MOVE it lol......either the ram on the bottom *in most cases* is getting waaaay too hot or the video card is over heating.....or all of the above.Other then that it may be a driver issue.
  2. Do you have an application that can monitor your CPU temps / fan levels? Is there a chance your computer is overheating when you begin to play?

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  3. i dont think overheating is a factor that contributed to my laptop's constant crashing during games only
  4. What kind of GPU does that laptop have?
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