Ahh the frustration, can any one help please...

Ok I just bought 2 ECS SiS 735 mainboards with a couple AMD 1.4GHz 266FSB.

First off I tried to install Win ME (don't Laugh) and kept getting cab errors, and the only time I got through installation the setup was full of errors.

Next I install Win98 original, it installed on one fine, and the other came up with one error but appears to be running ok. Now I dont like regular 98 much so I removed it from one computer.

I install Win 98SE on one computer no problem. Have a few though when installing I.E 6. Got it going though.

Ok now it gets wierd. A friend brings his computer over to install an OS. He has the exact setup except cd-rom. Anyway during installation we get cab errors with his installing Win 98SE.

So I have one computer now running Win 98SE seemingly ok. One running Win 98 orig. seemingly ok. And my friends is without an OS as of now.

Ok theres more...

Thinking it is a bios problem we download a bios update from the ECS website. They have very plainly which files you need for each bios/chipset. However when I try to flash the bios as suggested by ECS I get an error running the flash program (aminf326.exe). IT reads Error 2 - File not found. I have extracted the actual rom file to the same location as the flash program yet it will not run. What am I doing wrong, I have never had this many problems installing OS's nor flashing a bios.

Any help is VERY much appreciated...
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  1. Hmm, well I see where it says it should be in the manual. However in the actual bios that option is not there. Quick Boot is the first listed option.

    Is there a way to turn it on some how? Bios at boot up says 8/27/2001 S

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  2. Anyone have info on flashing the bios mentioned above? Or how to gain access to the virus settings mentioned?

    Again any help is much appreciated.
  3. I just love all the AMD problems today, Im having a field day!

    AMD keeps all the OEM builders in check as you can tell. high levels of QA ensures you get a quality product that works. - Pfft!

    Why people keep buying AMD based systems I will never know, stupidity I guess.

    735 board was supposed to be a good board from other reports, but it seems its in the same boat as VIA.
  4. I could be wrong but with ami, don't you have to give it the complete file name at the command prompt, like so:
    aminf326 42k0201.rom
  5. I have a ECS SIS 735(K7S5A), and have flashed the bios several times. Here is what you do.

    (1) Boot in real mode dos use Restart in MS-DOS mode
    (2) Go to the directory where aminf326.exe is and you .ROM file is
    (3) Type in aminf326 romname.rom
    romname is the name of your rom file.
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