Celly1200 vs Duron1100 WHAT?

Did Intel send THG some money for this article? No use of DDR with the Duron? PC100 being used because they are value processors? Part of the appeal of the Duron is it's ability to be paired with DDR (witch costs $2 mor than PC133 in 256meg modules.. $2 is terribly expensive right?). On top of that the most cost effective future-proof board (MSI 6380LE, cheaper than your ASUS celly board) makes it a cheap killer DDR combo. Using this board with DDR and running the duron on 266 (133DDR) bus would kick the crap out of the Celly2 in ALL APPS and (as already evidenced) ALL GAMES. Have you seen the benchmarks of the boards that will be out in two weeks? KT266A boards will make this even worse, so will sis735 OCing boards.

http://www.aceshardware.com/Spades/read.php?article_id=45000209 go here for the real story. Look at the counterstike 1ghz DDR morgan vs. 1150mhz PC100 ( faster than Toms config by 50mhz still killed). 1150mhz (150mhz faster) on PC100 gets killed by 1000mhz DDR (72fps(1150PC100) vs 81fps(1000mhzDDR)). Look at the Serious Sam scores on same page. 15.5% advantage and DDR truly uses Morgans prefetch better. Read the whole article, DDR is awesome with morgan compared to PC100 or even 133. While you insist on calling the Celly a better overclocker (telling people to overclock their whole stinking system...PC 41.5? Goodbye to your ethernet card...hello instability without handpicked parts that can handle this...AGP at 83mhz?), you forget to mention you can run Duron on 133DDR (266 bus, not DDR on 200bus) and do it safely with just the CPU being overclocked. You only mention that it CAN run with ddr (really fast with DDR 266!) Everything else IN SPEC. As a system integrator/reseller I hate articles that tell people to set their system up in ways that cause me TONS of part returns via failures due to stupidity.

The ECS board runs $62 and 256meg Crucial is only $34. This is not a cheap system with a morgan? No overclocking but you can't get either the Duron nor the Celly2 right now. By the time I can get them all the OCing SIS735 boards will be available (2 weeks, maybe 3, leadtek, gigabyte, msi, asus, abit, take your pick), so will a few KT266A boards. Why didn't you at least overlock the bus on the Duron? No mention of you even trying a different bus speed with the duron (though I think it's stupid anyway). Overlocking the PCI/AGP completely into burnout territory is only OK on the Celly2? Did your chosen board even see the Morgans SSE instructions (most don't unless the latest bios is flashed, shows morgan but NO SSE is picked up, treats it like an old duron). You could have even used the MSI/Epox Kt266 boards. They're both under $100 (pricewatch has the Asus celly board you used for $102 at best), why not compare equal dollars? Surely there is nothing wrong with showing the performance you get when running celly2 PC100 vs Duron DDR2100 (with multiplier adjustments to boot!) when they both cost the SAME EXACT PRICE. You can run the duron at 1133 on 266 easily and within spec elsewhere (no duron 1100 will crap out at 1133) I don't even sell PC 133 now. Duron is all I sell on low end (ddr today, with AthlonXP support built in for the future upgrades). I think I'd be selling someone down the river with the celly2 right now. Dead end boards for cellly2, while AthlonXP 1800+ will be $100 in less than a year (look at the current athlon 1.4..$98 for top cpu!).

You also state duron can't get over 1250. I've had more than a few go 1300+ with good air cooling (1ghz morgans). A sample size of ONE does not predict much. You could have gotten an exceptional (your word for duron over 1250) celly2. Or did you think about that at all? I can tell you this, 95% of the PC's out there won't run properly on 125mhz bus (41.5mhz PCI 82agp). Ethernet cards die faster than a fly's lifespan above 37.5mhz pci (no where near 41.5). Most hard drives can't handle this either. But the cellys the best overlclocker...HONEST...LOL. AGP is the only place I've seen get away with this on a semi-regular basis.

Stick to changing multipliers and calling it like it is. Telling people one cpu is an awesome overclocker, and in turn telling everyone to run their systems at 124mhz bus to get it to do it, is irresponsible at best, and completely stupid at worst (or is it bias?...how could a respected site be so foolish?). I almost thought I was at ZDNET's sites (hardware extreme etc.) there for a minute ROFL. Please pay attention to this people. Don't overclock your Fron Side Bus more than 10mhz or most of you will experience problems. Early death and instability being top of the list. This 125mhz FSB is only for the Dyed-in-the-wool Intel freaks (your bias showing again?..Dyed in the wool AMD freaks?..ROFL).

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  1. Remember that this is a review of two processors, not two platforms.
    You are absolutely right though, everyone is talking about how poor this review was.

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  2. I personally think that this last review was pointless, it had no basisi of comparison, he wanted to see the power of both chips yet insisted on keeping the playing field even even ignoring higher costs to do so. Strange.

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