Toshiba satellite A355 keys not working

Hello, recently my Toshiba Laptop A355D-S6921's keyboard is giving problem. several keys are not working at all. i have cleaned up the keyboard, the connector ribbon. Specially the enter key doesnt work which means i cant even work from DOS or BIOS.

Any ideas or help will be much appreciated. Thanks Sashido.
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  1. you need to run keyboard and motherboard hardware test to find if any of those broke. I'm not sure for specifics, some tests can be accessed through bios, others with a special key during boot up. Best option is to contact support and ask them for help with diagnosing the problem.

    If you cannot/donot contact support, I'd recommend googling for some diagnostic software that would be able to check keyboard/motherboard for faults.

    My best guess is keyboard broke, so you will need to replace the keyboard.
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