My systems processor is a slot 1 Pentium II 300 with MMX, on an Acer motherboard with the Intel 440EX chipset, 66 MHZ front side bus.

My question is : would my motherboard support the Intel Pentium III 800 with an adapter (FPGA?)?

I was thinking of upgrading to the Celeron 533, but with it's limited cache, I'd prefer to upgrade to the Pentium III 800 if I can.

I'd very much appreciate any help on this. Thanks alot!
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  1. not at all! your EX chipset wont support more than 66 MHz FSB and 800 MHz processor will have 133 MHz. you need a board upgrade faster than processor upgrade.

    stick with C533, or if you get a adapter for PPGA to FCPGA like Powerleap from <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>, then highest you could go is Celeron 766, that has 66 MHz FSB.


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  2. 440 EX doesn't even support ANY coppermines, not even the Celeron II. The best you can do is the Celeron 533 PPGA (NOT the FC-PGA Celeron II of the same speed) on a PPGA to Slot 1 adapter. Unless you want to shell out the big bucks, in which case you have thee options: Powerleap or Evergreen Technolgies will sell you a special upgrade processor at 766 for aroun $120-$130, or you can simply buy a new motherboard and processor, which is a better, cheaper solution.

    Back to you Tom...
  3. That's right, I see from my window in the shop across they have new with warranty Celeron 500 c/w fan bundled with VIA 693A-based motherboard for CND$123 (~US$82).
    Newer Celeron 800@100 c/w fan + mobo 133/100/66 UATA/66 for CND$197 (~US$131, $3-4 more for a mobo with UATA/100, 4 USB, 4xAGP and AC'97 Audio if need, or
    US$7-CND$10 to add instead for a mobo with FCPGA2 for Tualatin support)
    is still a better upgrade than any combo with PowerLeap or EverGreen solution based on old motherboard.
    Am I right the prices are cheaper in the US?
  4. Shop prices are high where I live. Then again I don't pay much attention to VIA mobo combos. He could get himself into a Duron 800 and an SiS 735 board for under $100 online.

    Back to you Tom...
  5. Anyway, my question:
    is the i815EP B Step Socket FCPGA2/FCPGA motherboard c/w Celeron 800 w/ fan for CND$217 (~US144) still better upgrade then any PowerLeap or Evergreen solutions based on old motherboard?

    Add CND$5 for Cel 850 or $9 for Cel 900 and so on.

    Yeah, they have faster Duron combo for less money.
    For average home use a SiS-based Socket A integrated board is really a bargin.
  6. at US$82, I dont thinkits worth a purchase. i dont really have an idea what $82 means to an American, but going by pricewatch and other sites, getting a better Coppermine Celeron 533 MHz with a LX or BX chipset board would go cheaper than $82. and better would be a Celron 700 with i810 or i815E based board, the added cost will be compensated by dropping a display card and sound card. and this system would perform definitely better than the C500+VT693 since it has a better chipset and has better hard disk support.

    Bottomline: $82 for that combo is huge.

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  7. The location is important. If I order from the pricewatch it doesn't mean that it will be the same cheap after all taxes and delivery fees.
    I can't find in my region any 440LX or BX board with warranty cheaper than US$39 for LX with Socket 370 adapter, or US$44 for a BX (plus 15% taxes on top).

    RE: <font color=green>"at US$82, I dont thinkits worth a purchase. i dont really have an idea what $82 means to an American, but going by pricewatch and other sites, getting a better Coppermine Celeron 533 MHz with a LX or BX chipset board " </font color=green> for a BX-based motherboard, even a ZX still looks OK, but a LX, for example
    Abit LX6 440LX mainboard based on Intel 440LX chipset (82443LX and 82371AB) that supports 66, 75, 83 MHz FSB.
    An 370 Socket adapter with clock adjustment and voltage regulator is needed for any LX board, because if you even try to overclock, it’s only possible to overclock by tweaking the FSB up to the 92MHz setting, that with the current voltage and multiplier would allow to run a 333MHz PII at 416MHz.
    So, limitations: 384 MB SDRAM max @66 normally, even if you put Pentium 3 in an adapter board, ATA/33.

    Compare with the VIA 82C693A&82C596B-based motherboard that was released just before the i815 was introduced:

    supports Pentium 3 600 and higher, 133/100/66 MHz FSB, PC133/PC-100/PC-66 SDRAM up to 768 MB, UATA/66.

    That’s why I don’t see any reason to buy a LX board as an upgrade despite its Intel chipset.
    I haven’t have any problem with a MSI VIA 693A-based board for 2 years. And I know another one similar, still working fine.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by NickM on 10/06/01 04:09 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  8. Yes, the B step supports ALL socketed PIII's and Celerons (well, maybe not the earlier PPGA Celerons). Giving you the ability to upgrade to a Tualatin.

    Back to you Tom...
  9. Hi,

    Just to say thanks very much to all of you for your great advice and comments. Reading over it all I'm sure there are others beside myself who benefit from your generosity of spirit and your willingness to share your knowledge. This is a great board and a great community!
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