Skewed Athlon XP Benchmarks

I have heard that Windows Media Encoder in Sysmark 2001 doesn't recognise the Athlon XP therefore results for Internet Content Creation and Windows Media Encoder will be inaccurate. There is a patch for it though, hope Tom knows about this.

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  1. I only assume the patch will improve performance in those apps, cool. Perhaps tom will update his results if he indeed did not know about the patch/issue.

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  2. I don't think Tom's benchmarked an XP yet (publicly) has he? If the same applies for Morgan then he needs to get his guys to update that, but since the article was such drivel - I'm sure he'd rather it left buried.

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  3. May that evil article never show its face in webspace again.

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  4. This was posted on HardOCP (and other places, of course). I interpreted it a bit different that you seemed to.

    Basically, because of this, any 3DMark scores do not use the SSE in an XP, severly hampering it's scores. Well, maybe not severly, but you get the point.

    There has been some hardware review hubbub started by *MDZone. It has been brought to the review sites' attention that BABCo's SysMark2001 uses a version of Windows Media Player that does not identify the SSE instructions on the upcoming AthlonXP (Palomino Core) CPU. Odd thing is that until Windows Media Player is updated, no one will be using a version that does. There has been a patch distributed by AMD that turns on the SSE in the benchmark. My argument, is that then the benchmark does not even come close to reflecting real world execution of the program. While *MDZone trumpets this making statements like this. "I would have to question the use of Sysmark2001 as a fair benchark (sic) by anyone that knew about this before the 1.1GHz Duron was released." I find it dead-on as the benchmark shows exactly what results an end-user can expect. Here is what BAPCo has to say.

    The SYSmark 2001(r) Internet Content Creation benchmark has as one of its components a subtest for Windows Media Encoder version 7.0. Working with Microsoft, AMD has discovered that the version of Windows Media Encoder used by the SYSmark 2001 is optimized for 3DNow!(tm) Professional technology, but does not properly recognize the AMD Athlon XP processor as including this performance enhancing feature and therefore does not enable its use. AMD and Microsoft have generated and tested a software update that correctly recognizes the AMD Athlon XP Processor, planned for integration into the next release of Windows Media Encoder. When the change ships in the next release, the AMD Athlon XP processor is expected to see significant performance gains when using Windows Media Encoder. As an interim solution for reviewers only, AMD is distributing this script to fix the detection problem and enable significant performance gains in the SYSmark2001 Internet Content Creation benchmark.

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