My next project is coming w/ Q & A

Well after the my 2 boxes from japan came. In a couple weeks of tweaking my tually's are happy at 1266@1580-166fsb since i have PC166 on the mobo was the overall factor. Now its the Nex Gen thingy. Well you have seen case mod's every where now, im going to do my own mod.

Enter Project Cardboard Box. I cant afford a case :frown:

Q) Whats it going to have silly ?
A) Well a very low cost system:
--Celeron 1.2ghz (256k)
--Aopen AX3SP-U
--256mb PC133 CL2
--20gb ATA100 7200rpm
--ATi Radeon 64mb SDR
--SB Live! Value

Well i'll keep you folk's inform about this one.

Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
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  1. if I may ask - what drives you to the 1.2 Celly, esp when you have that pair of Tullies already, and what selects the Aopen over, say, a CUS-L2T? Just curious...

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  2. Well i have the Aopen Mobo already. Well dont have a lot of cash now. Well the Celeron 1.2ghz can run good in apps. Well it was cheaper to get the Celeron 1.2 over a Duron 1.1ghz and Mobo.

    Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
  3. hmmm...
    dont u get mobo issues / pci card crashes running at such an extreme FSB?

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  4. rcf, do you by any chance go to public school?

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  5. Yeah, i get some PCI issues. Well its easily defeated. I had to really tweak. Well i had a buddy wrote me some custom bios coding to fix some PCI issues with my NIC.

    Nice Nvidia and ATi users get a Cookie.... :smile: Yummy :smile:
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