Safe Idle Temp for T-bird 1.2

I was wondering what the range of a safe and unsafe Temp for T-bird Idle is...Also what is the highest temp it can get before the [-peep-] hits the fan :-)
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  1. Safer idle temp is up to 50 (mine is 51 degrees C actually). I'm not sure what u r askin with ypour second question, but but I assume u mean to ask what is max temp. If this will be your full load temp, don't go above 60, b/c higher than that it's very bad for teh processor 9AMD says it can stand up to 90, but that's before it sarts litterally melting;)).

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  2. Not melting but failing.

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  3. Or rather, 90 C is where the CPU starts taking permanent damage...

    Anyways, I've had my AXIA 1.33 (non-O/C'd) go up to 55C on a hot day with no stability issues. I'd estimate that the best way to test is to use the Toast utility (see "Is your Athlon stable?" thread) to push the Athlon's temps to the max for an hour and see if it locks up or crashes. If it does, then immediately turn your system off, let it cool down for a few minutes with the HSF still mounted, then see what measures you can take to achieve lower temps. Keep in mind that there's a wide margin (about 30 C) between an Athlon locking up from heat and an Athlon damaging itself, and it probably takes a few minutes to exceed that margin--so if your CPU locks up from heat, you've got a perfectly reasonable amount of time to turn the system off.


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  4. It was just an exageration.

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  5. 55C is nothing. Mine goes at 60C+ when at full load, no lock ups or anything.

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  6. i think idle temp is pretty usless actually.
    full load is much more critical.
    generally you would not want to run under full load above 65C

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  7. mine used to be 45 idle, never pushed it over load to more than 51, I think it once hit 55. I replaced the fan with global win fop 38 so it got down "a little" but not enough.
    I got a progam called vcool16 and this baby is now 35 idle. I didn't believe it myself. I literally watched the temp drop like hell the first time I used it.
    I hope it works out for you guys too.
  8. Well I would be adding some case fans if I were you...
    My T-Bird 1200@1440MHz is at 37c. and full load 41c :-)

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    Enermax 350W Dual Fan EG365P-VE(FC)
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    Asus A7V133 KT133A ATA100 RAID-0
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    2 Maxtor 40.9=80GB ATA100@7200RPM in RAID-0
    1 Maxtor 40.9GB 7200RPM-ATA100 Dual-boot Win98/Win2000 PRo sp2
    ASUS V8200 Deluxe GeForce3 64MB DDR
    Sony 21" Trinitron
    Sound Blaster Platinum 5.1 with remote.
    2 full sets of Altec Lansing 495's (2.1) with 2 sub's.
    Hitachi DVD drive.
    Hp 9100i CD-writer
    Intel Pro100 Nic (PCI)
    @home cable Internet and so on...

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