Forgot password to Windows 7 now can't login to computer.

I have a Toshiba laptop running Windows 7 home premium. I changed the password a few days ago and changed the computer name yesterday. After restart to get the computer name change to take, I can't login to the computer. I did not setup an admin acct and can't login that way. I tried F8 system repair to reset to factory settings but a password is required. I went to F2 and set a user password on security, but it only works to get into the function keys. I would like suggestions of what to do to get into my laptop. I didn't get a restore disc with the machine, but created a restore on an external hard drive.
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  2. The password I am using is correct. Thankfully I was smart enough to write an obvious hint. So, I am not looking to hack my password, although I did try a bunch of variations just to make sure I didn't punch it in wrong when I set it. I really would like some suggestions on what I can do to get into the machine, even if it means rebooting. Although I do not have a reboot disc and only a mirror on an external hard drive.
  3. Sorry we can't help with this issue as we can't verify you are the owner of the computer.
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