Quantum and Optical Computing

Now to venture into the realm of Sci-Fi for a moment. What do people know about Quantum and or Optical computing? Anybody want to risk their reputation on guessing about the whens and hows? There's a chance that these are the kind of computers our kids or grandkids will be useng. They'll probably be VERY different from what we're used to. Remember, when our parents were kids, computers were called slide rules. Someday they'll laugh at our 2Ghz P4.

Just trying to keep some perspective.
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  1. at the moment quantum computing is limited to using the spin states of atoms in a molecule...
    best they ahve been able to do is a 5 bit molecule (using 5 chlorine atoms i think)
    but quantum computing is completely differnt from standard computing... its uses the fuzzy and downright strange logic of quantum mechanics
    to instaneously arive at the answer, rather than number chrunching through the possible combinations to achieve the result.

    optical computing is comming...people even now are trying for optical chips and switches.

    there is also even more interesting things about... computing with DNA strands anyone?
    simple really as the base pairs of dna make convient 0's (AT pair) or 1's (CG pair)

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  2. Yeah I've heard about this too but I'm not sure Genetic Computers are viable. Given the requisite cellular growth and recombination speed required in all known life forms it seems to me that it would be impractical to try and build a processor out of it. It just wouldn't be fast enough. Imagine entering a calculation and then waiting hours for cells to combine and divide to get your answer. Admitedly genetic calculations could be done in batches of hundreds of thousands given the right equipment. Seems more practical though in very technically spacific situations. Deep space probes and such. I doubt you'll see a genetic powered PC. In terms of self sustained storage or transmission though it could potentially be huge. But who knows!
  3. I think you need a really big power source to run a quantum CPU.

    I remember reading something about quantum networks, something about particle harmonics of alike state molecules. It seemed a bit far-fetched. The paper went on and on about unlimited distance and unlimited bandwidth.


    Maybe I was just watching a Star Trek episode
  4. Waiting for hours to get your results may sound un reasonable, at first. Consider cryptanalysis. It has already been shown that DNA computing can be used to break DES in a short time. Not a great feat as it can be done using silicon. However the greatest benefits of being able to break more secure/longer keys would be reaped by not publishing results!!

    Although it has a lot of good ideas, beer doesn't know anything about computers!!!
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