Hang after disply Off

hello every one
I think it's clear from subject but newly I faced to a problem
when my computer after some time turn the monitor off then when I want turn it on again its hang!
and nothing appear..and I should reset it or shutdown it from the case!

why this happen for me?!
is there any problem with hardware?!
how can i solve this :)
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  1. I also found that some time on my Webbing on Google chrome some times when I opened some tab it completely freeze for just 3-5 second and then come?!
    is this connect to that problem..or its natural!?
  2. Usually a small delay is inevitable with any browser. 3-5 actually isn't that bad but it also is dependent on the internet service you have.

    As for the monitor hanging as it's coming up, are you putting the computer to sleep or just simply turning the monitor itself off?

    It could be a Power Options setting that the HDD is going to sleep after a certain amount of time and thus causing it to appear that's hanging when it really isn't, it's just taking a minute to wake back up.
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