Acer Aspire 5920 wont boot..Most of the time

Hi Folks, I have an issue with an Acer Aspire 5920. Quite simply it appears to be 'dead'. When I press the power on button absolutely nothing happens. I have tried this with battery inserted and removed with PSU only. I have tried all the tricks like removing the battery & PSU, holding down the power button for 30 seconds, reconnecting PSU only etc etc and nothing. When the PSU is connected the battery LED illuminates orange, and then eventually green, indicating that the battery has a full charge..I assume.
I have reseated the RAM, CD and Hard drive several times... After hours of trying all options I eventually conceded that the Motherboard or CPU was shot...

Now, heres the killer.. One night while checking the kids I heard a strange fan like noise coming from the laptop. To my surprise the screen was now displaying ...NO O/S found.. I know not why the lappy powered up all by itself. I then powered it off and couldnt get it to start again. I then stripped it down again removing HD,DVD and Battery.. That was about 3 weeks ago. I re-assembled the lappy yesterday and decided that it was 'DEAD'. After it was assembled I pressed the power button and unbelievably the laptop powered right up and into Vista.. I was able to download SP2 and run Malwarebytes. The lappy ran great with no problems. After SP2 was installed the system required a reboot. Hence I let the system go down.. Guess what.. The bleeding thing wont boot now at all. regardless or what combination of battery/PSU I try..

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated
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  1. you have found an interactive anomaly in your house, call in ghost busters!

    Well to tell you the truth this is very hard to diagnose when you can't even power the thing on. Best thing you can do, is bust out a multimeter, take the laptop apart and recheck all the connections for power button, power wires, battery, motherboard, cpu, hdd, etc.

    Has the laptop had any overheating issues previously before going dead?
    Has it been dropped or otherwise physically abused before presenting with dead behavior?
  2. Hi AntiZig

    Thanks for the reply,,, Perhaps an exorcism is called for..LOL

    I am not aware of the lappy having overheated and there are no outward physical signs of being dropped. The unit is only about a year or two old and was working perfectly right up until it lost the plot...

    I have years of experience in repairing IT kit but this has me stumped...

    I have checked for dry solder joints etc. Using the multimeter would be of limited benefit as you need to know what voltages are meant to be present at each point before you can decide if your readings are correct or indicative of a problem. Hence a circuit diagram would be necessary.

    The local vicar option is looking better with every passing moment... :lol:


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