Very odd Power problem with Enermax please help

ok, so the problem i am experiencing is that when i turn my computer off for long periods of time and then turn it back on, my cd-rom drive makes a huge noise like it's trying to open or close or something, the same thing happened with my burner and it damaged the drive door. I'm assuming this is because of the power supply, but i'm not sure. I have an enermax 431 watt psu and an asus a7m266 with a 1.4 ghz athlon, not oced, anyone know what could be up? Please help, i don't want to keep killing my drives
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  1. It is probably the cdrom actually, the psu shouldnt cause that kind of issue.

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  2. i thought that in the first place, but what are the odds that both my dvd and burner are defective? I'm already getting a new burner because the drive motor got damaged. The DVD is fine but i'm starting to think that the DVD made the noise both times, but then why would the burner become damaged? And why does this only happen when i keep the power off for a long period of time, this just doesn't make sense.
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