Navigation to the webpage has been cancelled

What does "navigation to the webpage has been cancelled" mean and how do I remove the error message ?
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  1. Elaborate.
  2. A notice keeps popping up "Notice to the webpage has been cancelled" It does not seem to affect anything and often disappears. I would like to know how to prevent it and, if possible, what it means and why did it keep popping up.
  3. Where does the notice keep popping up?
  4. The Stealthinator said:
    Where does the notice keep popping up?

    At the lower right hand part of the screen.
  5. At the lower right hand part of the screen.
  6. Ok... but from what program? What program is causing the notification to appear? Is it affecting any of the work you do?
  8. That didn't answer my question.
  9. I am running Chrome. It appears in gmail and most other programs. It seems to be random as sometimes it does not appear at all.
  10. That might mean that you have an unreliable internet connection, if navigation to the web page keeps getting cancelled.
  11. Thank you !
  12. Do you feel your connection is unreliable?
  13. No. I'm connected thru cable and it seems to be working fine.
  14. Then unless you see a difference, I don't think you got much to be worrying about. ;)
  15. OK
  16. Best answer? :whistle:
  17. I have been seeing the same issue with the "Navigation to web page was cancelled" frequently over the past several days. It comes up when I am moving around on the Internet.

    For example, I open IE9 which has Google as my home page, and enter something to search for. Randomly when clicking links from the results page I'll get the same screen as when an Internet connection has been lost but it has the "Navigation to web page has been cancelled" message. My IE is set to open new windows so I just close the error screen and still have the results page up. I can almost always click the same link again and it will work. Sometimes it will happen on a catalog page where i click an individual item to view it. I will get the navigation cancelled error, but like the results page, i can click again and it works.

    At first I thought maybe my ISP was blocking some sites sites but when I looked at the results page the sites were OK per my Norton Internet Security and the names of several were sites I was familiar with and I knew they were safe. Then I remembered this is the first week that Comcast and AT&T are launching their '6 Strikes' spy software and all the telecoms have said they did not know what was going to happen with people's service. (I haven't noticed any change in download speed, but upload speed is down by 50 - 60% when I checked very early in the AM.)

    The only things new to my system are I changed my ISP from Comcast to AT&t and I installed NIS 2013.

    I am dumping Comcast so I'm losing the free Norton 360 they provided. AT&T offers McAfee which I don't like.

    I have read a number of suggestions on dealing with this issue but almost none were Windows 7 and the applicable ones I did try haven't helped. Any ideas anybody?

    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, Internet Explorer 9, both current in regards to updates.
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