man o man did the pally kick some ass

the 1.333 pally CRUSHING the p4 2.0 in seriosu sam, max payne and wolfenstien 3d 2001

these are all new games.... what happen to the P4 getting faster a with new apps and games

INTEL just got hammered...and it wanst by the K8
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  1. Congratulations to AMD for regaining the performance crown, just hope they will be able to keep up when Northwood comes out.

    As I previously posted (Titled: Skewed Athon XP benchmarks) there are issues with Windows Media Encoder. Yet again Microsoft is to blame lets hope they release patch for it soon.

    I can’t understand is why Microsoft Media Encoder uses the CPUID string ‘GenuineIntel’ to determine whether a CPU has SSE support…Duh ! I thought SSE was supposed to be an open standard meaning any CPU manufacturer can adopt the feature.

    Athlon XP seems to be ok with other SSE enabled software. Maybe all this time Microsoft have been secretly supporting Intel by giving them the edge when it comes to SSE enabled applications…however I don’t have anything to back this up but it certainly makes you wonder.

    Anyway back to the benchmarks quoting Anandtech:

    <font color=blue>“At 1.53 GHz the Athlon XP is able to consistently outperform the Pentium 4, partially due to the incredible performance of the retail KT266A motherboard that we paired up with it.”</font color=blue>

    The importance of a decent platform for the Athlon has become increasingly important if it is to compete with the P4. Since the KT266A is able to beat Intels fastest platform (850 chipset with Rambus) I would say things look quite good for AMD, especially with Nforce around the corner.

    <font color=blue> “The Pentium 4 being the better gaming processor is clearly put to rest.”</font color=blue>

    Athlon XP better at gaming which will please the PC gaming community.

    <font color=blue> “In most cases , the P4 is outperformed on the order of 10% which is exactly the performance enhancement the 512kb on die L2 cache of Northwood is supposed to offer” </font color=blue>

    This statement presents an interesting picture for 2002. I have summarised my thoughts below:

    1) P4 Northwood will be on par with the Athlon XP.
    2) Athlon XP Thoughbred (.13 micron) will outperform P4 Northwood assuming its cache is also increased.
    3) P4 Northwood can be easily clocked higher up to 3GHz and over. Athlon XP can’t.
    4) Therefore EVENTUALLY P4 Northwood will be able to beat Athlon XP because it can be clocked higher in a shorter time frame.
    5) AMD Clawhammer is the only thing that will be able to beat the P4.

    P.S PR rating is a waste of time.

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    The benchmarks in the review shown were pretty close, I thought. AMD won the games (with the exception of Quake), and P4 won the 3D rendering benchmarks. AMD's wins were a little bigger.

    Please don't repost long posts. I can only reply to one of them without people saying I'm trying to raise my post count, and I'd hate for you to miss the reply in the other thread :)

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  3. when you havea 667 MHZ lead and stil lose big

    thats obliteration... and any win the P4 has was EEKKED out
  4. Clock for clock, the win was huge. Straight out, it was fairly close. You're right, I was only thinking straight out, not clock for clock.

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  5. AMD won 19 of the 28 benchmarks. Intel only had 9.

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  6. But also remember that Anandtech's benchmarks favored the Athlon more than anyone else's (that I've seen, of course).

    I didn't say the XP didn't win, I just said it was close. 10 wins by 2% still doesn't mean that the XP is 20% faster (random numbers).

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  7. No, 10 wins by 2% means the Athlon XP is 2% faster (also random numbers)! :lol:

    AMD technology + Intel technology = Intel/AMD Pentathlon IV; the <b>ULTIMATE</b> PC processor
  8. Exactly my point. Most people seem to think the opposite is true, though.
    Winning more benchmarks just assures that it IS better, but not by how much. You can't just count them up and say it's better, you have to look at the percentages.
    If the P4 won one benchmark by 25% and the XP won two by 1% each, lots of people would say the XP was better overall, which would not be the case (needless to say, that'd be a worthless review with only two benchmarks).

    Anyhow, just thought I'd chime in with some of my frustrations :)

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  9. Does i have tell you that you are the best athlon useur.

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  10. well the benchmarks need to make sense too. Intel saying Pentium 4 "Gives performance where you need it most" is BS. Most people don't need the best performance in Quake 3, Flask Encoding, and the Internet Content Creation Pack. On the contrary most people need general performance, not just a few benchmarks, thats why I like AMD, for its clock speed its generally good. Pentium 4 for its clock speed is only good in certain areas not "where you need it most".
    That and Pentium 4 is expensive and Athlon XP is not.
  11. interesting article, and comments (unusually flame absent too! lol)

    what i find interesting is that the choice of your motherboard makes as big an impact as what brand or speed of processor one chooses.
    cant wait for the SiS645 with PC2700 ddr in it.

    bandwidth bandwidth bandwidth ;)

    also... since people have worked out how to unlock the 1.53, i wonder how far it really goes? :D

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  12. Hurry it up Asus! I need an official BIOS from you guys so I can use this baby on my A7M266!
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