Hard disk security primary master lock.

hi.. i have a hard drive, but the problem is, my little brother set up a password on it.. i think he messed with the bios, and he forgot the password he set, and i got all my important data in it.. i tried to remove the hard disk and try to access it from another computer, but the hard disk is still protected by the password, and i reset the BIOS but password rested till not solve the problem , anyone know how to solve this problem??
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    Do you know how to clear the cmos ? You just have to remove the battery on the motherboard and wait like 2-5 mins and the password should be removed (bios). For the hdd, i don't know how he could've put a password on it instead of using a software.

    - The Brownie
  2. ya,i tried that password was reseted.then i saved the changes then exit from the BIOS wizard.system restarted till not solved.
  3. when i on the laptop logo was come then "hard disk security primary master lock" error will appear.
  4. I think you can't do anything by yourself. You should bring it to a electronic shop or a friend that is good in informatic.

    - The Brownie
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  6. A drive password is stored in protected flash on the drive itself, not in BIOS. Actually only the hash is stored, never the password itself. Only the correct password will unlock the drive and permit normal operation. There is a master password that is known only to the manufacturer that can be used in a pinch, but it will reset the hash and render all data on the drive permanently unrecoverable. The drive has to be shipped to the manufacturer in order to get this master unlock. It will however restore normal non-passworded operation to the drive.

    You just learned a valuable lesson, the hard way, about backing up important files.
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