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Would you buy a 1.4 T-Bird or AthlonXP?

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October 9, 2001 8:42:24 PM

Hi Folks,

When I was just about to get a 1.4 T-bird for my GA-7DXR AMD comes out with the XP's. After reading all of the reviews on the XP's, I'm still a little hesitant about buying "the latest and greatest." Sure, the XP's are SUPPOSED to be better, but because they are so new they are a little expensive for me. Some thoughts of mine recently are:

1. Are the AthlonXP 1400's that much better (ie faster, cooler, more stable than the 1.4 T-birds?

2. The $120 for a 1.4 T-bird is very attractive to me, compared to the $150+ for the XP 1400. But, if they are a lot more stable/faster/cooler I might be willing to splurge a bit.

3. Even if people recommend me to go with a 1.4 T-bird cause the XP's aren't that much better, I hear that the 1.4's run hot and thus affects stability. Would you recommend a 1.33 or lower instead because of this? I planned on buying a retail CPU and just using the standard HSF with some arctic silver 2.

Also, the only reason why I'd like to go with a 1.4 t-bird is so I can squeeze an extra year or so out of my new rig (as opposed to going with a 1.33 or lower)and because of the attractive price. I'm not so worried about needing an XP right now (who does, right?),I figured if I go with "yesterday's best" and in a few years upgrade to an XP the prices would go down alot. Someone told me a while ago that he made a rule for himself. He said he would never pay more than 200 bucks for a cpu cause he always regretted it later. Sounds good to me.

My new rig would mainly be for gaming and cd-burning.

One other thing, I'm kinda turned off by the fact that the XP's are hard (if not impossible) to overclock. Also, I really didn't want to have to wait until Gigabyte comes up with a "working, bugs all out" bios revision that works with the XP's. I'd rather just put all the parts of my rig together, maybe change some jumpers, and KNOW it will work.

I'd appreciate your input!

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October 9, 2001 9:20:37 PM

Windows XP Home
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP Home 64-bit
Windows XP Professional 64-bit
Athlon XP 1800+
Athlon XP 1700+
Athlon XP 1600+
Athlon XP 1500+
Hercules Game Theater XP

And then you add in the GA-7DXR and the Epox 8KHXa+ (or whatever it is), and I don't know what's what! Does anyone else feel the confusion?

Oh, and I forgot about Mac OS X and OS X.1!

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October 9, 2001 10:47:27 PM

I do. Everything is "Something-XP" now. I don't care what anyone says, I think it all revolves around Microsoft naming their O.S. XP. They can say that it stands for whatever they want it to stand for, but in the end it all comes down to wanting their name synonomous with the latest OS from Microsoft. It's all of a bunch of bull if you ask me.

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October 10, 2001 12:54:06 AM

Go for the 1.4, or wait for the next markdown around Oct 28th. The athlon 1.4 is more likely to come unlocked, and some cpu's don't work well with the pencil trick
October 10, 2001 1:18:09 AM

I'm a little confused. Are you looking at a 1400MHz XP? According to this <A HREF="" target="_new">link</A> a 1400MHz is called a 1600+. The 1600+ isn't really faster it just has SSE and uses less power. I like the new stuff and would wait for the next price drop and get a XP but not for any really good reason.

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October 10, 2001 1:22:49 AM

It is faster in normal apps too! It includes auto data pre-fetch!

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October 10, 2001 5:39:44 AM

Sorry guys, I meant the AthlonXP 1600. Still, would you buy a 1.4 T-bird now with a mobo that has the bios revisions worked out to make it hum along or buy an AthlonXP 1600 with a mobo that hasn't worked out all of the bugs yet?

Like I said b4, my mobo choice is the Gigabyte 7dxr and, according to their website, "will support the palomino with bios revision F7." But you know how that goes!

As far as using a lesser voltage, I don't think I should be too worried going with the 1.4 t-bird cause my psu is an antec 400W and I'm sure it has the voltage to go strong. However, I'm not sure how SSE works so if you can fill me in I'd appreciate it.

Please give me some more input, cause I'm not sure about this.


"If It Ain't Broke....Tweak It!!!"
October 10, 2001 7:40:43 AM

Are the AthlonXP 1400's that much better (ie faster, cooler, more stable than the 1.4 T-birds?

On some game he made many improvement on apps no big deal.

. The $120 for a 1.4 T-bird is very attractive to me, compared to the $150+ for the XP 1400. But, if they are a lot more stable/faster/cooler I might be willing to splurge a bit.

Like all new hardware you pay to have the lastest.

for gaming the 1.4 Palamino is the best choice you really need SSE.Even celeron have SSE.
The most important you must know have you do many come back with prob with Via......

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