Athlon XP 1800 versus 2 1.2 GHz MPs

Anyone seen some benchmarks comparing the two setups? It'd be roughly $300 for two 1.2 GHz Chips, and about $230 for one XP 1800. If I were going to use a machine for Adobe, Macromedia, and other 3d modelling programs would the MP setup be worth the money with the Athlon XP now available?
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  1. I'd suggest the XP. Cheaper, less hassle, and ALL programs will use it's full potential.

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  2. i think it would depend on how seriously you're going to be using the programs. for someone who uses them non-profesionaly (not to say you're not good with them...just not for a business), the XP would be the better chip. when you're not using apps that support smp you're just wasting that other cpu. but if you'll be using those progs a lot, the dual sys is probably worth the money.

    besides, niether is going to be very slow anyway.

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  3. Actually, a dualie gives 30-40% increase. Now we calculate that 1.533GHz is nearly 30% faster, and also with better clock for clock performance, the XPis teh BEST choice.

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  4. On SMP maybe in overall XP all the way

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  5. xp better clock for clock performance than mp???
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